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Zelda Wii Long or Short

green goron

Best of the Gorons
May 15, 2010
Death Mountain
Do you want Zelda Wii to be the longest game in the series, shortest game in the series, or average. I personally want it to be long because you can never get enough zelda.:)

Phantom Zelda

Mostly Harmless
May 25, 2010
East Clock Town
Longest of course!!! :) I dont like how some of the games are really short I love long games they are usally (sp) more fun :D Cant wait until E3 though!!!!!


Former Hylian Knight
Jun 8, 2009
Due to the size of the wii game discs I'm sure we can expect to see a longer game than TP, I just can't see the game being short this time around. they have put years of work into this game and hopefully that will show in the length of Link's new adventure. Whether the setting for the game is wide and sprawling or smaller and more condensed im convinced the story line and plot will surpass that of the previous console titles. Or at least it should. This is truely a next gen Zelda. and not just like OoT to MM, (in terms of game size the two were pretty much equal: 25MB vs 26M:cool: this game will be significantly larger than TP and WW both of which were massive Zelda games. The difference this time will be measured in GB (1.4 GB vs 4.7/8.54 GB if dual layered) which is quite a leap.

However there are a few factors (like the new controls) that could decrease the overall size of the game, though I don't think those factors are enough to limit the game to about 30 hours like TP. Zelda Wii should, in theory be around 100 hours if not longer, because Wii game discs are about 3.35 times larger at the minimum! Even if the new controls take up massive space they have plently left to work with.

It's important that they give us a full fledged Zelda game after what they did to us last year... just showing a piece of art!... and letting us destroy are minds trying to figure it out! for a whole year i was flippin out. Now I'm ready to pwn their game cause im so pumped up for it. If that was thier plan then it worked, but man im so ready! Thinking about Monster Hunter Tri, I'm pretty sure that they wanted to have the new graphics up to that level or something... if MHT is any indication of how far they have come with the Wii (and from what I've seen and heard that game is huge!) then Zelda Wii should be too.
Jan 28, 2010
I want a 300 hour zelda game! :) Thats how long it took me to beat my first zelda game lol
Itd be nice to enjoy a game for that long, increasing difficulty would make it longer. Yeah! Its true!
Oct 6, 2009
Make it the longest. It just means more Zelda. I don't want to pay $50.00 or get hyped up for a game thats very short.
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I am baaacccckkkk
Jan 25, 2010
As long as it doesn't ruin the quality of the game, I would like it to be atleast around 60 hours long + downloadable content, like sidequests or minigames. Going to new lands maybe?


Leave the chocolate here
Jan 25, 2010
The Mansion!
The longest it could be, for all the time that we waited we deserve something huge so it'll last longer.


I want this game to be the longest because I want to be playing it for awhile.


...No your other left
Jun 13, 2010
Missouri, USA
Since the game has been rumored to be in developement since like 2005-'06, and not being held back by the GCN (awesome console by the way but it did hold TP back), It should be the longest with the most dungeons, largest field, more charictars, and larger towns.
Jun 1, 2010
Long of course. Who wants a shorter game over a longer one. With the longer game you get more bang for your buck. Plus, I think it will be longer anyway, because the Wii doesn't have the size limitations of the GameCube. Twilight Princess was almost a direct port of the GameCube version, besides mirroring of the map :mad: and the motion controls.

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