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Zelda Titles



Which is your absolute #1 favorite Zelda game and what is your #1 most hated with a passion Zelda game?


Sheikah Warrior
Dec 5, 2012
Phoenix, AZ, USA
Favorite: Ocarina of Time
- Why: First game ever played. Super influenced and most memorable to date for me, I am 19 and the first time I played it was when I turned 7-8.
I could beat this game over and over, never get bored. Vice in my family.

Not 'hated', but mostly disliked: Majora's Mask
- Why: The time. It's a killer. Also, because I was so used to OoT, a new alternate universe was a lot to me, Navi wen't missing, never found her and honestly, I wondered all the time if Link would get to go back to Hyrule throughout the game. But mostly, the time. I hated that part. It was a bother.


Nov 26, 2012
Favorite: OoT
~ I grew up watching my dad play this, and it was the first Zelda game I played. I really liked the time traveling aspect of the game, and I've always thought 7-seven years older link was just plain awesome. I also liked being able to see what occurred while Link was locked away. Very epic over all.

Least Favorite: Zelda 2
~I just never was able to get into the game play. I died a lot and never could get past the first dungeon. DX It was pain with a lot of grinding that really didn't get me much of anywhere. The leveling system was... different and not what I was expecting from Zelda.

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