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Zelda Shirt and Animated Series Giveaway - The Hardest Zelda Level or Dungeon

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Nov 5, 2010
I'm not sure if this really counts, but given the nature of the game I would consider this section a "dungeon," and I have that Din's Silent Realm from Skyward Sword is the most difficult thing I've ever played. The entire nature of the silent realms, constantly running, timed, guardians that can kill you in one hit, is just an atmosphere of panic. Thus, that is exactly what I did. It is incredibly scary to be trying to sneak around and suddenly find yourself standing in a pool of waking water, or see a ghost screaming and suddenly the world turns red and everybody is chasing you. It is freaky stuff.

Of actual dungeons, I'm not sure what I would qualify as the hardest in any game. The most frustrating I would say is either the Earth Temple or the Wind Temple from Wind Waker, but because I liked the Earth Temple slightly more, I'd have to give it to the Wind Temple. When I first went through, I spent hours trying to rescue Makar. Literally hours. Besides, there were many times when you would have to jump off a cliff, only to find yourself landing on top of a floormaster, and you would have to repeat everything.

The dungeon that took me the longest to complete, I guess, would be the Water Temple from Ocarina of Time (not counting the times I let a game sit for a year or two before finishing it.) However, since I wouldn't say that was extremely difficult, just time consuming, I'm not sure it really qualifies. If the silent realm counts as a dungeon, then definitely that, otherwise its the Wind Temple.


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Dec 22, 2011
Toronto, Canada
The hardest temple for me was the Ice Palace from A Link to the Past. It was so confusing; for my first playthrough i must have gone to the same rooms over and over again. Whenever i did make some progress getting to new rooms that i hadnt visited previously, i would get killed by an enemy and be sent back to the beginning. Worst part, I couldnt find my way back! In my first playthrough, I got so lost i said screw it and used the site walkthrough to get through the entire dungeon. On my second playthrough i was determined to get through without using a guide. I barely did it while my head was still in tact ;)


For me the the hardest dungeon I've ever done was The Lanaryu Mining Facility in Skyward Sword, If I wasn't being killed by Beamos, I was falling of conveyor Belts. or getting sucked in quicksand. While it was unique, it did make me pull my hair out.


I know that alot of people are saying the water temple but i had a harder time with the shadow temple from Oot. It was strange switching between the lens of truth and normal vision,and the pirate ship was hard for me. And i had a really hard time with the boss.

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The Hardest Zelda Dungeon,It would come down to two Ocarinia of time's Water Temple Or Majora Mask's Stone tower,they were both tough and I was only around 4 and 6 years old when I played through them (4 yrs old when I first played through the water temple,6 yrs old when I played through stone tower)Both were challenging then and they still are now,But in the end I would say Stone tower was hardest for me.My dad helped me with Oot's water temple but when I played through stone tower my dad got deployed to Iraq so I was alone on it.I had so much trouble with it,I made it to the part when I got the light arrow I flipped the place upside down and I was even more confused.So I gave up on it and waited untill my dad got back so I went a year of not playing it.When my dad got back he was even more confused than I was with it.So eventually I beat it but it took me another whole year.So I can actually say it took me 2 years to beat Stone tower,Which is what reminds me of how hard it really was for me.


The most difficult to me was the Arbiter's Grounds in Zelda: Twilight Princess. Not for the tricks and all, but for the sh**ty Spinner. I've never managed to control it correctly, even though I finished the game twice. I would go left when I wanted to go right and so... You can imagine the total mess it was when I tried to defeat the final boss!! And the zombies just freaked me out! I was looking and trying not to look at the same time, which was a pretty hard job... So I'd say: the technique, and a specific disgut I have concerning zombies.

(sorry for the grammar, my english is apalling...)
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For me the hardest dungeon was the Wind Temple from Wind Waker. I find rather hard to switch between character and boss was a little bit hard (maybe because I have broken controller an hook shot always run off the target :dry: ). The block pushing puzzle was hard and challenging, mainly becouse i forgot I already have iron boots ;P


The Lakebed temple. Quick back story, I was 10 when I first played TP, I quit through the first dungeon because I couldn't find the last monkey. 2 years later I returned. But the Lakebed temple is the only temple I've ever been lost in in any Zelda game, besides of course the great palace, but that's another story. I loved Morpheel though!
Dec 22, 2011
Well, it's not the hardest, but is the one that i have the hardest time with, I know what to do and I know where to go but I always mess something up.But for me is the Wind Temple from Wind Waker.


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Dec 19, 2011
Oklahoma city, OK
The hardest dungeon for me I have to say was the Lakebed Temple in TP. Just for the fact that I was always so confused with where i had to go and what switch I had to pull. Maybe I just let it intimidate me into confusion just because it's the water temple for that game. I remember my sister and I trying to beat it together! "no it's this switch!" "no it's not we already pulled that one!!" oh my gosh we got into so many fights! lol. good times good times.


Jun 20, 2011
In a tree house.
The hardest dungeon for me was the "Tower of the Gods" in The wind waker. it took me allmost 2 weeks to finnish it. the dungeon was so hard and i had to use a walkthrough for it. but the one i used was not good at all so that was a waste of time.Me and my dad spent hours apon hours to get halfway done. After i was at the end i was so happy because the dungeon tested my thinking skills. lol i felt very accomplished:D i really dont like that dungeon at all. so whenever i replay WW i allways stop at the Tower of the Gods cause i dont wanna play that again. lol. but i will replay it someday, just not anytime soon.


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Jul 26, 2010
The hardest dungeon for me was the Hidden Palace or Three-Eye Rock Palace from The Adventure of Link. Surprisingly I only got one Game Over in the Great Palace, and you start at the entrance when you die anyways. The Hidden Palace, however, is a different story, I probably got about 12 of my 29 game overs on my first run of ALttP either trying to get to or through the Hidden Palace. I almost always lost a life trying to get to the dungeon, and then there was this one room that caused the majority of my other deaths, so the Hidden Palace was the hardest dungeon I have ever played in Zelda, and really in any game ever.

Honorable Mentions: Lanayru Mining Facility (SS), Stone Tower Temple (MM), Skull/Death Mountain Labyrinth (TLoZ)
Dec 25, 2011
so far for me the hardest level was the 4th one
mainly because of the boss, I tryed bombs and I tryed more hart containers but I forgot the zelda dungeon
crap I had to redownlaod LoZ on my 3ds now my profile is deleted and I have to get to it agian XD
enter me for the LOZ PH plush please
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Jun 22, 2011
The hardest dungeon in any zelda game is the Great Palace of Adventure of Link. The dungeon is a true maze with many branching paths leading to dead ends. Assuming you work your way through the dungeon through trial and error or lucky guesses, you still have to deal with countless enemies any of which could kill you easily. This is the only dungeon in the entire series (with the exception maybe of a few other dungeons from AOL as well) in which I geniunely fear that the next room will be my last. Another aspect to keep in mind is that you must conserve magic throughout the dungeon to use a necessary spell on one of the bosses. Did I mention there's two bosses? Yeah this dungeon is really really hard.
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