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Zelda Music Rocks! What's Your Favorite?


Jul 1, 2012
Of course all Zelda music is great but there are a few that standout imo......Majoras Mask had an amazing soundtrack that really suited the dark theme of the game with some of my favs being the song of healing and the final hours track :)

But my all time fav soundtrack would be Twilight Princess! It's my fav Zelda game of all time and even though it had its flaws.....it's soundtrack was amazing. From the Ordan theme to the epic final battle with Ganon music, throughout the game it offered, us the player with inspiring music and it made the game for me anyway. I would have to say though my 3 favs out of Twilight Princess would be Midnas Lament, Hyrule Field theme and the epic Twilight Princess OST End Credits - YouTube


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Jul 8, 2012
Behind My Computer Monitor
The Serenade to Water -- I always find myself humming this one :)

Zelda's Lullaby -- If I'm not humming the first one, i'm humming this one

Whatever plays in Hyrule field in TP at nighttime -- yeah, I know its weird to like this one, but I've always liked slow, atmospheric music

The song of Healing -- it's just so pretty-sounding!


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Oct 28, 2012
It's between Midna's lament, Gerudo Valley, and the overworld themes for OoT and TP.


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Apr 20, 2011
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Dang it's hard to choose ONE. I'm going tot do them by game...

Zelda I: Main theme (duuh) Dungeon theme is close second
Zelda II: Dungeon Theme (SO CATCHY!)
aLttP: Dark World theme (epic :D)
LA: Tal Tal Heights, Ballad of the wind fish is close second
OoT: Either Song of Storms or Gerudo Valley, can't decide
MM: Oath to order, Song of Healing is second
OoA/S: No idea
WW: Dragon Roost, followed by the title theme and the great sea theme
FSA: Frozen Hyrule
MC: Dark Hyrule Castle
TP: Blizzeta's battle, Hidden Village is second. I'd also like to mention the awesome Ook's Battle theme, because it's very underrated imo
PH: Linebeck's Theme
ST: Overworld Theme
SS: Lanayru Sand Sea
Sep 27, 2012
Lost Woods, Oregon
Wow, great question and yet so tough to answer as I love so many Zelda tunes.

At the top of my head, some faves:

Zelda Main Theme
Gerudo Valley theme
Lost Woods/Saria's Song
Song of Storms
Dragon Roost Island
Apr 8, 2012
omfg I adore all the Zelda music and it's pretty much all I listen to! I really like (from skyward sword) the lanayru desert theme, (twilight princess) faron woods and hyrule field night, (ocarina of time) forest temple and (wind waker) outset island :)

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