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Zelda Games That Have the Best Soundtracks.

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Jun 1, 2023
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Orcarina hands down has a incredible soundtrack. I love every song, especially “Zelda’s Lullaby” which is now as iconic as the original theme. I also love Kakori Forest, it always make me cheerful. It actually brought me back from a haitus from Zelda, I was at a Japanese Garden and when I entered the store a lady was playing music, I recognized it immediately and asked “is that Kokari Village from Orcarina?” She showed me the screen and it was. The music stirred such memory, I had no choice but to revive my Zelda fandom which had ebbed because I had no console to play the games on anymore, and other factors. Now I am certain it was the Will of the Triforce, for it brought me here and I have never met such great people on boards. :)
May 21, 2023
Used to feel like Zelda games had the best soundtracks out there. In some ways I still do, and it depends on what you’re looking for really. A lot of them are simplistic, not anything wrong with that necessarily, and they each happen to have their own unique flair. Going in order of release I think these would be my overall favorites:

Adventure of Link - particularly the last palace theme.
Link’s Awakening - especially the remake, ending credits.
Majora’s Mask - I don’t think there’s any one I have in mind that stands out, but I’m glad it inspired parts of The Outer Wilds.
Oracle of Ages/Seasons - I’m lumping these together even though they do have a ton of different stuff, just really enjoyed both, probably Tarm Ruins being my favorite.
The Wind Waker - So much to love here, don’t think anything will tip the Great Sea as my favorite overworld theme. That and the scene where Laruto first plays her harp to Medli and she awakens.
Skyward Sword - A lot to say about this being the first with orchestration, what with some restraint they’ve shown. Something about the Imprisoned theme I enjoy so much for a boss fight.
Breath of the Wild - I’ll admit it got some taking used to, but ultimately I feel the mostly quiet and somber tone fit well for much of the exploration. Tito village was quite a treat, and though I like the standard Hyrule castle theme, the new one here and its subtle allusions to stuff like Ballad of the Windfish are amazing.
Tears of the Kingdom - Don’t want to spoil much here, and I wasn’t sure about some of this either with how much was going to be reused, but I think the whole idea of it being the fact we are revisiting a familiar world years later works very well in its favor. Now, they already sort of did this in BotW but I love just how much they do with the dungeon themes changing as you progress in this game. Also at first I found the clapping sound effect kind of cheesy but it really works to bring in that feeling of connection.

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