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Zelda Christmas

Dec 29, 2011
well wasent for christmas but around christmas town my parents got me skywards sword special edition with guide
and for chrstmas i got the 3ds 25 aniversiry edition (i know i cant spell) with ocairna of time 3d
May 16, 2008
Kentucky, USA
I ended up getting quite a bit of Zelda material, as well as other stuff I'm a big fan of like Sonic (but I supposed that's for another forum ;))

As for Zelda, I got Skyward Sword back in November when it released, of course the edition with the gold Wii remote (I needed it anyway since I didn't own Motion Plus). I like to think of that as an early Christmas present. I also got the Zelda Edition 3DS which comes with OoT, downloaded the free Four Swords Anniversary Edition and bought Link's Awakening DX.

Last, but certainly not least, my brother bought me something that I have really wanted to get for a long time but never really wanted to shell out the cash for. This present, by the way, was completely unexpected but went well with the majority of my gifts so it all worked out well. Especially since Skyward Sword allowed for near 1:1 motion control with Link's sword, this gift was also quite perfect. The present was.... a replica Master Sword and Hylian Shield! I held it over my head and everything once I got it out of the box.

On a side note, I recommend everyone here pick up at least a replica Master Sword. Its never safe to go alone.


Nothing! I wanted to get a wii motion plus because my broke, but I didn't.

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