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Your Thoughts on Zant?

Feb 3, 2010
i thouht zant was just amazing, for those that read the harry potter books probably realised hes a bit like bellatrix.

anyhow hes one of my favourite villians of all time


Sep 20, 2008
Joliet, IL
Zant was interesting, yet at the same time he was very confusing. His story as told by himself was excellant and my favorite for I have yet to see Ganondorf pull out a cut scene in order to tell his story. Also, Zant can crack nearly every bone in his body and I want to do that. He was an awesome boss and was so mysterious that his moves confused me a bit. Finally, the way Midna killed him was awesome.

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Feb 25, 2010
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I do like Zant, he was very mysterious when the first cutscene played. Short, Sharp, & Straight to the point. 'Life? Or Death?' And when I reached the boss in the Palace Of Twilight, I had no idea he went THAT nuts. The boss fight was really creative too. lol


Jan 31, 2010
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Zant seems very derivative and uninspired. He reminds me of Veran from OoA, and Vaati from the FS/MC games.

I wasn't too surprised that Ganon was controlling him at the end. The way they built him up reminded me a bit too much of Golbez in FF4, who was actually being controlled behind the scenes by Zemus/Zeromus. Difference is, instead of being he main character's brother and not really evil... he's your companion's former jester, and evil in kind of an insane way.


Zant was... indescribable.

All of the other bosses were totally serious. Some people may like that, but Zant... well, let's just say I lost a few times due to the Wii remote falling out of my hands because I was laughing so hard.

His strange sounds, his erratic hand motions; everything about him is just insane. And that's exactly what I like about him. Another thing was the twist of plot. We all were expecting some amazing new villain, and then, boom-- he's just a pawn. Plot twists are my love.

Another thing was the fact that he brought you back to places you fought before-- I thought that was an ingenious idea. I thought I was never gonna see those places again! The battles were actually fairly easy; but, again, Zant made them all the more interesting.

I swear, I think Nintendo designed him to be so funny that you couldn't beat the boos because you were cracking up laughing. I applaud them for succeeding xD


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Jan 31, 2010
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The guy was completely crazy! In the beginning he looked like a serious threat but this changed very soon as you enter his Room. He was fun to fight against. My fav battle at the whole game. Even more fun than against Ganondorf. I usually never get attached to fav enemies or sidekicks in games but it would be fun to see him return and hopefully he wouldn't be that crazy but more serious :p

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