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Your History with Video Games


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Jun 15, 2010
The first console I played was the PlayStation, at the (estimated) age of 6. I went to my friends place frequently to play now PS1 classics such as Crash Bandicoot and Sypro the Dragon. A little later on, I purchased my own PlayStation console. It was pre-owned and came with about 50 (copied) games. Most of them were terrible, but there were a few notable ones I got good entertainment out of.

About the same time, I met a new friend who happened to own a Nintendo 64. We always played Super Smash Bros. and Super Mario 64. I never ended up purchasing my own N64. I did start playing the PC more often, though. Worms 2 and The Sims were the games I never stopped playing.

The Xbox was something I got sometime later, soon after its initial release. I didn't buy many games for it. It was not until the Xbox 360 came out years later did I by another console. The first Nintendo console I actually owned was the DS Lite, and from that, a love for Nintendo returned. Eventually, I got a Wii, and from there, have gotten a GBA SP, Gamecube, NES and 3DS. A PSP, original Xbox (after selling it for the 360) and SNES are purchases I see myself getting in the foreseeable future. :yes:
started with the NES and wasn't quite sentient enough to know what it was or what i was doing.

Progressed to the Snes, had a lot of fun with it, the games injected some colour into my ever growing conscious mind. Games like ALttP, Super Metroid, Kirby's Fun Pack/Superstar and Mario All Stars were all the titles i needed.

Moved on to the n64 at the right time, was blown away by Mario 64, OoT, DK64, Banjo-Kazooie. Smash bros was awesome and other semi-decent games that really tried to make a go of things like Hybrid Heaven.

Got a ps2, snapped up all of the games i had missed during my youth; Tomb Raider, Final Fantasy, Tekken etc etc etc, wasn't impressed, preferred Nintendo aside from some classics like Ico and Shadow of the colossus.

Bought a GC, didn't like it at the time, took far too long for decent games to come out for it, barely any third party support, WW had the sting of betrayal at the time, Mario Sunshine left a bitter taste in my mouth and Luigi's Mansion was far too short, the best game on the GC by far was Metroid Prime. In retrospect almost ten years later i can see the console as one of the best and most overlooked in terms of power and games.

Got a Wii... its... meh. Like the GC i follow nearly every first party game developed for it because i know i'll get a quality product (though not necessarily a good one). There are a few third party titles like No More Heroes and Monster Hunter which are enjoyable. Over looked titles like Fragile Dreams and Another Code R. but the magic isn't there for me, they're just games, nothing more. I won't be taking many precious memories with me into my later years as far as the Wii is concerned.
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May 26, 2010
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I have a large history with video games, stuff that I often cannot remember. Let's start with Nintendo products.

1998:Around the time I was born, my dad and my older brother by 7 years had an NES and a SNES. They played a lot of fighting games, and they even had a Mario game lying around (I think). Apparently, I played the SNES when I was like 2, but hey I wouldn't know for sure. We also had an N64, and a key title was released when I turned 3 years old: Ocarina of Time. OoT is an absolutely legendary game. It released on my birthday as well as my older bro's birthday; in Japan on mine and in North America on my brother's. Guess what? My dad got OoT for my bro's birthday, and I've fell in love with the title ever since. My dad and bro had a completed save file within a couple days, and I would always go on that file just to fight Ganondorf because it was a fun battle imo. Anywho, around that time, I've enjoyed games like Killer Instinct Gold, Goldeneye 007, Super Smash Bros., Perfect Dark, Super Mario 64, Bomberman 64, Bomberman Hero, F-Zero X, and many others. Yeah, fun stuff eh?

~2003:Fast forward a couple years and we're in the release window of the GameCube. My dad got a GameCube back then for two reasons: one he knew I loved LoZ and every GameCube being sold came with a Collector's Edition disc. I was estatic when he got a GC, but when we opened up the box it didn't have a CE disc. Guess what he did? He totally took the product back and demanded a CE disc, and got it he did for no extra cost. Playing OoT on GC? Amazing stuff. Anyway, the second reason is for a sweet game called Soul Calibur II. It featured Link, which was part of the reason my dad got the game, but he had so much history with Soul prior to that including playing Edge/Blade in arcade, and of course see my SEGA section of this post. The very first thing my dad did when he got SC2, I remember this clearly, is bumping the difficulty up to Extremely Hard and playing through Arcade using Mitsurugi. He almost killed the TV because he died against Inferno like a bajillion times, it was hilarious. He would spend ALL NIGHT LONG playing SC2, not even joking, because the game was THAT GOOD. I myself enjoyed several hours with Weapon Master Mode, something I sorely miss in the crappy releases that are Soul Calibur IV/V.

Aside from CE and SC2, my little brother and I happened to buy Kirby Air Ride, one of the best racing games I have EVER played. People hate KAR, I personally don't see why. I remember we had the Air Ride and iirc Top Ride Checklists almost 100%ed, haha. We also managed to get Luigi's Mansion, Wind Waker, Super Smash Bros Melee (with Melee, man, we used to party HARD at my house; my two cousins would bring their two GC controllers over and we'd have four player smashtastic fun with Domino's Pizza back when they were good), and a couple other vidya gaems. I loved the GC era. Around this time, I saw the TP '04 or whatever trailer. I was like "who is that wolf? and where is Zelda?".

Resident Evil 4 for the GC is like so amazing. The lightning is fantastic. The scare is exuberant. People say RE4 is an action game, I look at them with a :? face all the time. RE4 =/= action. Sure it has action, but the horror and the scare permeate everything you see, ever. And Ashley, God I hate Ashley. :lol: RE4 = a seriously good time.

Oh, but the GC isn't the only thing. The GBA had a life for me; several Mario games that I played over at my uncle's apartment in Las Vegas, the Oracle games that my mom and I bought for $10, Fire Emblem Sacred Stones...I recall seeing Fire Emblem Path of Radiance in the store, but because Eirika/Ephraim weren't on the cover, I thought the game was incredibly dumb. Apparently people hate FE9, lol. Minish Cap was played in this time.

Let's not forget Zelda Classic.

~2007:I sees the Wii is a real thing, I really wanted one because TP was a launch game for it. Too bad I never got the chance to own one myself. Around this time I didn't do much Nintendo wise. Actually no, I take that back. I hacked Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones as well as Rekka no Ken, and managed to upload a variety of videos to the Internet, gaining a bunch of views for my Tower of Valni hack that featured Sky Sands, a track from Kirby Air Ride, throughout the video. Unfortunately, due to copyright strikes from Jagex and WMG, my good YouTube account got suspended. Sadfaec, but hey, it was a good run.


~2008-2012:Around this time I joined ZeldaDungeon (May 2010; it's on my profile page haha), huge Zelda site to fuel my needs. A bunch of Nintendo games that I can't be bothered to list were released, I played a deal of them...yeah. By this time today, Skyward Sword released which I think is the worst Zelda ever if you don't count CD-Is. Amazing titles like Super Paper Mario, Super Mario Galaxy, Super Smash Bros Brawl, Goldeneye Wiiloaded were released, enjoyed.

Nowadays:Wii U is releasing soon. Hyped for whatever Mario games it has in store.

I want a 3DS because OoT3D. and KH3D. Honestly, I'm working at my job solely to get a 3DS, nothing more. Screw college, screw girls, screw high school, screw food. I want a 3DS, because Face Raiders and the games on it.

~1998:My best friend had a PS1 back in the day. There is this one racing game called Supercross 2000 or something like that. Absolutely spectacular game. We played other stuff that I can't remember, but Supercross 2000 is the game that is most memorable. Also, the PS1 bootup music is like blissfulness.

~2002:The infamous PlayStation 2 released. My dad and my bro had this FIFA game (I liked soccer in KG), they got MotoGP, Gran Turismo 3 A-Spec which is arguably the best freaking racing game ever made which I definitely attest to, Final Fantasy X (we rented it), Tekken Tag Tournament (omg this game is absolutely fantastic), thatoneTenchugame, and several others. The PS2 in all was a great era.

~2008: Final Fantasy XII dominated my life. Over 400 hours logged into that one game within about a month's time. Best FF game EVER MADE. Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts II, reading up on the FMs...yup. Star Wars Battlefront II.

~2010: Star Ocean Till the End of Time, best JRPG ever. Logged too many hours in this game to count. Powergrinding, Disc 1 grinding, overleveling, underleveling. I got Full Active Mode within a year, but it was damn well worth it. SO3 = absolutely amazing.

Nowadays: Eh, I want a PS3 to play Resident Evil 5 Gold. Other than that, idk.


~2001: Xbox was released around this time, thought it looked ugly so YO HUH BOOM BOOM didn't care for it. The end.

~2010: My dad had an Xbox 360, he gave it to us. I played Final Fantasy XIII because the case had some kinda holographic essence to it, which I thought and think to be cool. I bought Resident Evil 5. Later I got Call of Duty Black Ops. Then I got Soul Calibur IV and Star Ocean The Last Hope. NEXT I got Sonic 2006. I regret getting SC4 and SO4, and definitely regret Sonic 2006. However, I have a love/hate relationship with SC4 as well as SO4 so idk. I love RE5, I later got the Gold Edition DLC and logged SO MANY HOURS into Mercenaries Reunion, literally spent my summer vacation as well as all my breaks playing Reunion online, I got rank 100-somethin on the leaderboards for 360 Prison 886k with my little bro <3

Black Ops is the best CoD in my opinion. Everything flows perfectly. The maps that come with launch are absolutely fantastic. Spawns are great, though spawntrapping needs fixing. The DLC maps are even better. BO >>>> every other CoD combined, IMO.

Now for Soul Calibur IV, I care for it only for these two characters: Amy and Nightmare. Sieg is cool but I love Nightmare and Amy; I used only those two characters for Tower of Lost Souls. Ever.

SO4 is a terrible game but I love Reimi and Edge and Lym and Bacchus.

Nowadays:I have a 360 in my closet. I want to trade it to my uncle for a PS3, then perhaps make a Let's Play someday. I hate the 360, and I hate Xbox Live.

PC/SEGA brief​
I played the Dreamcast and loved it because Soul Calibur, Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver, Sonic Adventure 1 and 2 and several other amazing games (Ecco the Dolphin, Shenmue, Dead or Alive which my dad and bro played FOREVER)...it's a huge shame SEGA doesn't make hardware anymore.I played PC a lot. Diablo II which is the best of the Diablo series, seriously III is a huge let down and it sucks butt. Later I played StarCraft, Warcraft, Guild Wars, KOTOR and a couple other amazing games.

Currently, I'm gonna be playing Guild Wars 2, KOTOR, SWB2, CoDMW3.
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Sep 19, 2011
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My history of Video games the passion and the glory, forever and ever.

The Sega megadrive years.

My history of video games is a long one (well no **** i'm 20 so) It all started at the age of 2 or 3. My earliest memory's of video games was playing my dads mega drive. With sonic the hedgehog loaded in it. I had a lot of fun with this game. I can still remember all the troubles I had with it at such a young age. labringh zone used to give me a rough time, but I recall playing it at 4am in the morning. (One of the earliest times I had got up at a very young age) and finally beating it ! Then enjoying the peaceful star light zone. Such a relief playing that level after such a troubling zone.

I can still remember fondly each and every Megadrive game I had at the time. Aladdin, Rambo 3 , space harrier 2 , Sonic 1 and 2, toki going ape split,
urban strike, lhx attack chopper (I never understood this game and still don't) taz-mania, Sonic Spinball and Mega bomberman. A lot of the games I never did understand at the time. my favourites were, the platformers, Sonic the hedgehog games, aladdin and toki. (Although toki may be considered a bad game by some, I grew up with it, and still find it enjoyable, enemy placements can be cheap on the other hand) I have a fond memory of going to the shop to get a megadrive game with my mother, I saw toki and wanted it just for it's badass cover case. The covers were so much better back then weren't they. (you all agree) My mum on the other hand didn't like the look of the game. So she got me some other game that didn't work and was broke. (Bit harsh). So went back and got me toki. (Win) Toki was a game that ****ed me over pretty big as a child. It took me years to master the game. (I haven't really mastered it) it was cheap but the challange was there. One hit kill and sometimes enemies would hit you out of nowhere. Hence why you needed to know the placement. Oh and I also had no clue about the pun in the title name till I got older.

Space harrior 2 was a game I could never get past. I could beat the first and second boss and that was about it. Fast forward to the present I believe I can beat around 5 bosses now. Although the game still freaks me out. A lot of games back then did that...

Sonic spinball now was a game I later got for my birthday, at the time I could only beat the first and second level. Don't mean to brag but I can now beat the third ;) I believe growing up with a lot of these games helped a lot.

I believe the last game I got was mega bomberman which a friend gave to me, one of the greatest 4 player games around sadly I didn't have a mutlitab adaptor at the time.

The playstation years

This includes , playstation , pc and gameboy.

So I was now in school and heard of talk about a new machine. The playstation. At the time I didn't really know what that was. I was happy with my megadrive. I wasn't really up to date with what consoles were around then. However after going over a friends and a showing of Crash bandicoot 2. All I knew I wanted was a Playstation. It was quite a lot around the time and my parents would never buy me anything out of the blue which was that expensive. Me being me however begged and begged and begged for a Playstation. Till my mother and father finally discussed it. My mum said to me "now Daniel we don't normally buy you expensive things out of the blue but this will be the only time". Needless to say this is why I'm such a spoiled douchbag this very day... Nah It's not I was born that way. Getting back to ze topic at hand. I can recall my mother looking into a catalog and saying "ah the playstation is £70" I just nodded. She rang them up and they said "well sorry the playstation is now £80" thought to myself that's a bit harsh. So my mum said "well that's just too expensive no playstation". Needless to say I cried that day. All was not lost as I came home from school to see a Playstation with a copy of Rayman next to it. I exploded with happyness.

Rayman was most likely not the greatest game to start me off on the playstation, It is a fantastic game yes but I was very used to sidescrollers at this time. Still I wasn't complaining, far from it in fact. My friend even let me borrow his crash bandicoot 2. I believe this was the time I started playing games even more madly. I love video games, and people often say the ******** "oh you must love them because you are trying to get away from reality". Perhaps sometimes but I've always had a love for them. :D

I can recall another game that blew my mind for the first time. I remember seeing a disk I had never seen before laying on the floor, It said Spyro on the front. I popped it in and began playing. I was amazed at the amount of freedom I had in the game. This was simply so amazing. There was nothing like this on the megadrive. It was de-finely a new milestone in my history of games. The game was spectacular and soon became another favourite of mine, alongside sonic, and crash.

So for the next lot of birthdays and occasions I would be receiving many new games for the playstation. And constantly asking for more. I wasn't aloud any new ones until I had played the previous game I had.

Although one of my fondest memories was watching my dad play tomb raider the last revolution only to jump when a mummy came out of no were and fell backwards smashing his head agaist the coffe table. (I think it gave him brain damage, don't tell him that). I would later find myself braving tomb raider. (Yes I was a little ***** then and terrified of eveything :P)

The playstation was the first system I played my first fighting game on. No it wasn't street fighter or tekkan. It was x-men mutant academy which wasn't really a great fighter, but I found it easy to get into and really fun. Having watched the x-men cartoon. Oh and spiderman being in it was an added hidden bonus. Playing as professor x in a wheelchair was hilarious. :D

It was also the system to introduce RTS games to me, more importantly command and conquer. Which I was amazed at how you could control all the units.

Oh and alongside it I also started gaming on the pc. I finally got sonic 3 and knuckles (which sadly had the carinval night, and icecap sound changed) and Sonic CD. Sonic CD was brought for me instead because we were told Sonic R would not run on our computer. (thank goodness because sonic cd became my favourite sonic game and sonic R.... is sonic R :P. Although the PC version came with the American soundtrack. I much prefer the Jap/Euro soundtrack. Oh well I wasn't aware of that then. :D

Moving onto the gameboy colour. (I never did get a gameboy 1). My first game was ofc Pokemon Red. Now I had wanted a gameboy for ages since at my school everyone had one. My friend did let me borrow his at the time and I managed to get a lot his pokemon up to level 100 because I was a sad kid that wasted his summer days playing a gameboy. :P Anyway I recall my friend giving me a very amazing game cartridge which I still play to this day. The almighty 32 in 1 game cartridge. Now of course this is a pirate cart just loaded with roms but at the time I didn't even know about all that. I just thought it was a normal retail cartridge. Oh and it was really 11 games, the rest were just copy and paste of the games with some minor offences like more lifes. The cartridge included Teenage mutant ninja turtles 3, super mario land, dr mario and various others, including a very scary asian game. It still scares me to this day.

For the rest of the gameboy years I obtained pokemon gold, the trading card game (which imo has some of the most kickass 8-bit music I've ever heard). and the simpsons treehouse of horror game.

The playstation 2 years.

This covers the playstation 2, xbox and gameboy advance.

So the playstation was beginning to get old like turo. I first started hearing about the playstation 2 and wanted to get it as soon as possible. Don't mean to brag but I did. Yeah I was the kid with the playstation 2, I was the one everyone was asking about. I think the first game I got was crash wraith of cortex, yes the one that took 4 weeks to load a level. It was a good showcase on the other hand of the graphical power. Oh course being more grown up now , I wasn't as impressed as I was, with the playstation one. I don't think as many games really had blown me away. I had tons of fun with them on the hand. I also had loads more games this time round and played many of them. :D

One games however was what really gave me that amazement of what the playstation gave me. My cousins had brought over a game. Grand theft auto 3. I was amazed at the amount of freedom you had. This was the first time I witnessed a "sandbox" game. I just loved exploring stealing the banshee from that garage etc. It was very violent yes and I'm amazed my parents let me play it. It's to be honest apart from vice city the only game to blow my mind on the PS2. Although I had plenty of fun with games such as sonic heroes and 4-player red faction 2. the co-op in timesplitters 2, crash nitro kart, (although not as good as crash team racing) the ratchet and clank series, the hulk games and the very strange evil twin game.

Oh and I cannot forget the spiderman games for the PS2, those were both very fun games which added another new depth to gaming for me. I loved swinging around the city.

On the gameboy advance there wasn't anything that amazing, the new pokemon, the spyro series was pretty neat, and the first time I played Donkey kong country and super mario world. The gameboy advance as a whole didn't offer much.

I had also gotten an Xbox near the end of the ps2s cycle. Not many games for that on the otherhand. Except for really san andreas which ran a lot faster on the xbox than the ps2. :D

The wii years up till now

Covers a lot

So this time I started with a Nintendo console. I started out with wii sports and was pretty amazed at motion technology. This was also the first console I brought myself with my own money. It was also very rare at the time to get since it was in such high demand and stocks were so low. Some of the earlier games I had gotten for it were mario strikers charged football , which I love still to this day, no more heroes, which I want to have sex with still to this day, and lets not forget wii play tanks. :P Many other games came later such as no more heroes 2 and what not. The wii was very fun at times and very dull at other times. Although I had a lot of fun playing mario kart online with friends. :D

I was also the first person to have brawl since it was I think released a month earlier in the USA and I had gotten a freeloader, much to the envy of one of my friends at the time. Who was soooo jelly, he said the freeloader would destroy the laser etc. :P (but I knew better)

My parents later got the xbox 360, and a lot of my time was consumed playing COD mw, and halo 3... that's pretty much all I did on the xbox 360 until.

I got a playstation 3 for £120 with the box and controller included. I held out on getting one for such a long time because of how much it cost in the past. Now I had plenty of money to spend so this is were I began buying lots and lots of games and never ended up playing them. I believe I started burning out with gaming towards the end of the ps2 era. I could not play games like I used to. Some of the best memories I have on the other hand has to of been. Ratchet and clank... um it's the only game I really even played heh. ...heh.
I was on the other hand really impressed with the playstation network. and obtained my love of street fighter via playstation 3.

Later on I began buying back some of my older consoles and consoles I had missed. my mum got rid of my megadrive a long time ago, I'm so happy to of got one again.... maybe 2... 3.... 4.... okay 5. I've also managed to get back all the current games I used to have except for rambo and aladdin. but I'll get em again soon enough.

I also had a chance to go back and play older consoles I didn't have when I was younger. I was finally introduced to the donkey kong country series. Now among one of my favourite platformers... not only that but I managed to extend my megadrive library and got introduced... to ballz 3d.... how great....is that.

I also built a two gaming computers over the years. While the first one wasn't the best as I didn't realise the PSU was underpowered, the second one turned out great. I love PC gaming just as much as console gaming. Some great games over the years that have always got me coming back were red alert 2, and the elder scrolls series.

Other excellent Pc games I've played in the past few years that I enjoyed were, super meat boy. One of the most difficult platformers I've ever played, Skyrim I believe this goes without saying, LoL, and of course the fallout games. :D

Oh and I got a 3ds and vita. I could go on but I don't think anyone's even going to read everything I wrote. My grammar is pretty bad anyway. :P

So here's a bunch of games I got to finish off. :P
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Sep 16, 2011
When I was little, the only game system my family really had was a Super Nintendo. We didn't have a ton of games on it either, just a few Mario games. I don't remember a whole lot since I was probably about 4 or 5 at the time. Eventually we got a Play Station. I can remember three of the games we had on that. The Little Mermaid, Frogger, Ape Escape 2, and Star Trek Armada (I think. xD) Anyway, I was pretty content with those games at the time. I do remember that our Play Station was a piece of crap. I'd have to literally smack it to get it to turn on... xD Surprisingly that thing still works to this day...

I had just turned about 7 when we got our Gamecube. Wal-mart was having a sale on them since it was close to Christmas. They were $60 and my parents decided to go ahead and pick one up. They actually allowed my brother, sister, and I to play it that night. However my sister and I didn't even get much of a glimpse... You how some brothers are. xD Anyway, the Zelda Collector's Edition just so happened to come with this Gamecube, and my brother kept going on and on about how great these games were and I remember my reaction was "Okay, so let me play it. -_______-" So when I eventually got my hands on it, the first game I chose to test out was Majora's Mask. Being 7, I had no idea what I was doing, basically just doing whatever Tatl directed me to do. I was actually able to return to a human again... Not so bad, huh? xD I never did make it to the Woodfall Temple though. (Not yet!) It eventually became a sort of tradition to me and my sister to watch my brother play Zelda. The first game he ever beat was Ocarina of Time. I can remember my mom hated that we just sat and watched him whenever possible. Now she'd be thrilled to see him interacting with us more... Meanwhile, I had become extremely intrigued by the 20 minute demo of Wind Waker. I asked my mom if we could rent the full game, so she got it for me. I REALLY REALLY loved Wind Waker. It was probably because there was a lot of extra things to do, which I enjoyed. So, for my 8th birthday I got The Wind Waker! It's still mine... My brother wants to buy it off me, but he's outta luck, 'cause I'm taking it to my grave. xD So then after my brother had beat Ocarina of Time, he moved onto Wind Waker. Everyone beat it before I did... I was 8, so beating the game wasn't what I really had in mind. I just wanted to sail around and tick pigs off. After Wind Waker, my brother decided to tackle Majora's Mask. He made it all the way to the final boss, and then he gave up because he kept failing. xD

Oh, and one day when I got on the school bus, which my mom just so happened to drive, she told me that she got us a surprise. I was so pumped, I didn't even take my bus-ride nap! xD After all the other kids had gotten off, she handed me a copy of Super Mario Sunshine. That was a GOOD game. I miss that thing... so much. There's so many memories hooked to that game, I can't even tell you. My sister also saved up her money to purchase Double Dash and Super Smash Bros. Melee, more great games. We didn't get a Wii until around... Hmmm... 2007-2008 maybe. I remember how hard my sister saved for that. I wasn't a load of help because I only made 5 bucks a week. xD She worked at a fast food restaurant and it took her 8 weeks to save up for a Wii and Twilight Princess. (Crappy paycheck, IMO. -__-)

From that point on, Zelda has really ruled my video game shelf. I don't really play many other games. I have a few Mario games, and I've also gotten a little into Pokemon. And of course, I have the Smash Bros. games, and the Mario Karts. But really, it's just Zelda. I'll be heart broken when/if Zelda ever stops. I can't hardly remember a time when Zelda wasn't there... o_o
Jul 1, 2011
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Got n64, Mario kart, OoT, and super Mario 64 when I was 2. About 2 years later, I got a Gamecube with Super Smash Bros. Melee and NBA Sports. I started amassing a big Gamecube library, with over 70 games. Then I got a Wii, the birthday after it came out, and we got Twilight Princess and Rayman Rabbids thing. Then we got 40 more over the years, and sold 27 of them for a whopping 45 dollars. I got a DS back in 2005, with Mario Kart and nintendogs, had 56 DS games, and sold 18 to Gamestop, and got 170 dollars. Then, yesterday, my brother and I bought KH: DDD, 2 copies of heroes of ruin, and Pokemon Conquest. And my Dad and brother have a ps2 and xbox360s but I use those only for kingdom hearts and Tales. And Castle Crashers.
Jul 24, 2011
Pennsylvania, USA
The Beginning 2000-2002

It all started when I was about 3 or 4 years old. I would watch my older brother play Super Mario World and Zelda: A Link to the Past on his SNES, Sonic 2, Comix Zone, and Streets of Rage on our Sega Genesis, and Ocarina of Time, Mario 64, Jet Force Gemini, Goldeneye, and WWF No Mercy on our Nintendo 64. Not long after I gained an interest in watching him play these games, I started to try them out for myself. The two I played the most were Super Mario World and WWF No Mercy. I was never very good at these games other than WWF No Mercy, but I still loved to play them just for fun. We also had a PS1 that I never played.

The Pokemon Era 2002-2005

Eventually, I learned that my brother and uncle were playing this game called Pokemon. I got interested, and inherited my brother's Gameboy Advance when he got the new SP model. I played Pokemon Red, Silver, and Sapphire on that thing, and I almost couldn't be happier. I started saving up my money, and when I had around $60, I went to Walmart with my mom, and she gave me an extra $20 so that I could buy my own Gameboy Advance SP. I got the red one. Also around that time, I got Pokemon Fire Red and started to play with my one friend on our school bus. My brother and uncle started to lose interest in Pokemon, but they had another game to fall back on. A few years before I got Fire Red, my brother got a Gamecube for his birthday, and it came with Super Smash Bros Melee. I didn't play it very much at first, but after I pretty much quit Pokemon, I started to play it more often.

Gamecube, PS2, and Xbox Era 2004-2007

This Era started during the time that I still played Pokemon excessively. My brother and I would play Super Smash Bros Melee a lot. When his friends were over, I'd play SSBM with them as well. It was just a fun time. Then my brother got a PS2. He still played SSBM with me, but he also started to play games like Mercenaries and even a little Grand Theft Auto. Then he heard about Halo 2. He sold the PS2 and saved up some money so that he could buy and Xbox just so he could play Halo 2 online. Around that time, his friends also got an Xbox and Halo 2. They played it all the time. I didn't play it, but I did watch. It reminded me of how I would play Goldeneye on our old N64. In 2007, though, when my brother learned about Halo 3, he started gathering money for an Xbox 360. The original Xbox live was over by the time he learned about Halo 3 I think, so he went back to playing Super Smash Bros Melee for a while.

Wii, Xbox 360, and PS3 Era 2007-Present

In late 2007, I got a Wii for my birthday. I had a blast playing Twilight Princess, Mario Galaxy, and Wii Sports while my brother was busy playing Halo 3 online. Eventually, though, my brother's friend came over one day and brought Call of Duty 4. I tried it out and decided that I wanted my own Xbox 360 just so I could play that and Halo 3. For Christmas in 2008, I did. I bought a whole year of Xbox Live and played CoD 4 and Halo 3 all the time. Some of my friends from school even started to play Call of Duty with me. Then, just as I started to lose interest in Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 was announced. That rekindled my interest. Within a few months, Call of Duty was the ONLY thing I played. In 2010, I was tired of Call of Duty. I got Halo Reach, and started to play it online for a while. Then I started to lose interest in playing games online, no matter what game it was. So I started to play old games. I bought an NES, SNES, N64, PS1, PS2, Xbox, and a Gamecube. Not all at once, but over a year and a half. After I didn't feel like collecting anymore, I got into Final Fantasy. By this time, it was late 2011. So I got a PS3 with Final Fantasy 13 and on PSN I got Final Fantasy 7, 8, and 9. Then, a few weeks ago, I decided to take a break from Final Fantasy since I beat all of them from 1 to 10. I started to play Halo Reach again earlier this week in preparation for Halo 4 in November.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the history of my gaming career.


Nov 11, 2011
I started with the Cube around age 7. My first game was Mario Party 7. I thought it was fun back then, but now it sucks. I also liked DDR Mario Mix and other similar stuff. It wasn't until about now where I started liking the good Cube games like Pikmin, SMS, and TWW.

I picked up a Wii the month after it came out, when I was only in third grade. Now I'm going into eighth. The Wii's been here forever. I first liked games like Wii Sports and Mario Party 8, but it wasn't until later when I liked good Wii games like TP, Vs. Capcom, Guitar Hero, Smash Bros, etc.

Basically the same thing twice. Pretty simple.
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Jul 14, 2012
Oh my goodness, it looks like some peoples life stories ARE video game. :lol:
I started with a nes and went all the way up the Nintendo line of consoles. :lol:

I do own a playstation 2 and 3 now. :lol:


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Jul 11, 2012
When I was very young about 3 or 4 my dad brother and I would play Mortal Kombat on the snes and the super mario collection. ^.^

WW IsDa Bombchu

The first console I played was the PlayStation, at the (estimated) age of 6. I went to my friends place frequently to play now PS1 classics such as Crash Bandicoot and Sypro the Dragon. A little later on, I purchased my own PlayStation console. It was pre-owned

Is this common? Becuase this is EXACTLY what happened to me, give or take a few years on the age. Due to a hammer "accident" my PSX got destroyed, and my little 5 year old hopes ruined... that is, until I got a used PS2. SOOOO many good memories on that thing... Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3, Looney Tunes:Back in Action, Kingdom Hearts (Never figured out how to play it 'till years later), Sly Cooper 3: Honor Among Thieves... I still have these (re-bought Kingdom Hearts, and some kid conned me out of Looney Tunes when I was around 6 or 7) and break them out time to time for nostalgic purposes... I used that for the next... what 5, maybe 6 years, until I got a Wii... Fun for a while, but after 2 years, I got my PS3 (started making money as well... but that's a story for another time) and since then, I've payed for every single game I've gotten.


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Mar 17, 2012
Liverpool, England
When I was 4 my parents bought me and my brother a SNES with Super Mario World, StarWing and A Link To The Past. I played A Link To The Past first and was hooked immediately, although it took me some considerable time to complete it. We managed to get a Mega Drive from a friend of my brother's a few months later and I remember us being the only family to have both major consoles at the time. We had to go door-to-door giving the other kids free ice cream to go with their jelly.

By 1998 we had an N64 and a Playstation. I still say 1998 was the best year for video games because that's when Abe's Exoddus, Banjo-Kazooie, Resident Evil 2, F-Zero X, Spyro the Dragon, Crash Bandicoot 3, Medievil and of course Ocarina of Time all came out.

In 2001 I got my first Gameboy with Pokémon Silver and my dad got me and my brother a PS2 that Christmas. The next year my brother bought an Xbox with his first pay from his first job. That was when I first played games like Halo and TimeSplitters as well as Grand Theft Auto.

I never got a Gamecube until shortly before the Wii was released and managed to squeeze in Mario Kart: Double Dash, Battalion Wars, Mario Sunshine, Wind Waker and Majora's Mask (via the Zelda Collector's Edition) in before the Wii came out. I got a Wii as soon as possible but it was sold out everywhere for weeks. They would even announce in the newspaper which stores would have them in and what time they'd be opening.

Somewhere along the way I got hold of a GBA. Christmas 2004 was great because I thought my mum could only afford to get me Halo 2 or Minish Cap but what a surprise for me when it turned out she'd got both! My mum got me a DS for my 15th birthday and I still rememeber the huge bulky monstrosity I'm sure Nintendo would rather we forgot. After it broke, I replaced it with the much more beautiful DS Lite.

I eventually got myself a 360, mainly so I could keep playing Halo and I went out to get a 3DS as soon as Ocarina of Time 3D was released for it. I'm currently going insane with how much I want a Wii U.

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