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Smash Bros Your 5 favorite Assist Trophies

Threads relating to the Super Smash Bros series.


Mr. SidleInYourDMs
ZD Champion
May 5, 2012
American Wasteland
Assist trophies have been a cool way to have some extra representation for certain series. But what are some your favorites? It could for any reason, whether you find them really useful in battle or you just happen to like that specific character/series. and maybe even wish they'd get promoted

(you can scroll down until you see their pictures)

To keep things simple, I'll just stick w/ the ones in Ultimate, so here's mine:

5. Knuckles
4. Krystal
3. Tiki
2. Zero
1. Alucard


Disaster Master
Dec 26, 2017
1. Rathalos
2. Metroid
3. moon
4. andross
5. bomberman

Not a big fan of the "character like" OP AT's. I like it more when they do more unique stuff. Biased towards Rathalos tho.
Aug 31, 2019
1. Phosphora - Kid Icarus Uprising love. One of the better characters in that game letting loose.
2. Andross - Annoying to dodge but a good assist overall
3. Advance Wars - So underrated. Always had a speck of joy whenever I got them.
4. Tiki - She turns into a dragon. C'mon that's awesome
5. Burrowing Snagret - Annoying boss in Pikmin. Nice to see some more rep for the series though
Aug 31, 2019
the thing I find annoying about the snarget in this game is that it makes a standard chicken sound [really reminds me of the Family Guy chicken] instead the sound it actually makes from the game
Never noticed the sounds it makes. :suspicious: I'm usually to busy trying to dodge em'


The Artist Formally Known as Deku Shroom™
Jan 21, 2011
Fun Guy
To preface, I really love Zero and genuinely wish he was a fighter, but he's not necessarily my favorite assist trophy to get. I generally like non-obtrusive ones, ones that can be dealt with rather fairly by other players, or just the bizarre and fun ones.

1. Advance War Tanks and Infantry men
2. Bomberman (Wish he was a fighter, totally get why he's just an assist trophy. A fun character to see nevertheless)
3. Starfy
4. Kapp'n
5. Sablé Prince

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