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WW VS TP: Which Was Harder?

Which is harder, WW or TP?

  • Wind Waker

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Master Kokiri 9

The Dungeon Master
Aug 19, 2009
My ship that sailed in the morning
Okay, so now's another "Which is more [whatever quality]?" thread. This time, concerning the difficulty of TP and WW.

I personally think WW is a bit harder than TP. The bosses were a bit harder, for the most part the regular enemies were harder, but the puzzles were somewhat easier.

What about you? Which do you feel is the harder of the two?
Dec 11, 2009
Twilight Princess was definitely harder than the Wind Waker, in my opinion. One of the main factors to why it was harder for me was that Twilight Princess was my first Zelda game. So that meant I had to learn how to do everything and when I first started I got scared to fight a simple Keese.

I think Twilight Princess had harder puzzles than the Wind Waker. The Wind Waker's puzzles felt like no-brainers to me and I didn't get stuck at all on the game. Twilight Princess had me stuck on puzzles for a good half hour maybe, especially when it comes to pushing blocks on ice.

As for the bosses, I still think Twilight Princess was harder. Morpheel gave me a lot of trouble when I fought him and I was clueless as how to fight Zant when that time came. The only boss in the Wind Waker that I found hard was Puppet Ganon in Snake form, and that really wasn't hard, but annoying.

When it comes to completing the game 100%, the Wind Waker is definitely harder. Twilight Princess's side quest were all too easy. The Golden Bug was simple; whereever you found one gender of the bug, the other gender is somewhere else in that area. The Pieces of Heart can be located with the fortune teller in Castle Town. The only hard one in Twilight Princess is the Poe's Souls. The Wind Waker had some side quests that really weren't hard, but tedious. The Goron Merchant one, for example, had you going to those three different islands and bringing new items and losing rupees, all for a Piece of Heart. Even getting all 20 heart containers was challenging, which I never actually did.

Overall, Twilight Princess was a harder game.

Nye Pendragon

Feb 16, 2010
I'd say Twilight Princess is more difficult.

Wind Waker, for me at least, was very easy compaired to any other Zelda game. :< The puzzles are easier, the bosses are even more simple (is that possible? xD TP's bosses were such jokes...) and the dungeons period were much easier. The enemies /were/ a little harder in WW than in TP, though. I like to call WW the 'beginner's Zelda game'. It's still a great game, though. < 3


I am baaacccckkkk
Jan 25, 2010
Well I had to stop playing the game for some months because of fury after the third temple and saving Aryll in Wind Waker. How was I supposed to now that I was supposed to shoot down that frog and then warp to mother and child isles?
Jan 28, 2010
Wind Waker was a bit harder. It's side quests were harder, its bosses were harder. I don't know, it took me 2 months to beat Wind Waker, and only 5 days to beat Twilight Princess and I played the crap out of both of them. So Maybe its because I got smarter? Twilight Princess seemed like nintendo was trying to make it appeal to even more gamers than Wind Waker so they dumbed down the game to make it even easier. I personally hate it when games are too easy. That was a dissapointment I had in TP. I think if they made the games hard but had hint systems and letting the game take control of you when your stuck, then I can enjoy a challange and the newcomers can experience the whole game. But ya, Wind waker was harder.

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