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Spoiler WW: Did You Think That Puppet Ganon Was Hard?


Jun 3, 2011
I'm not sure if this is Spoiler but just in case. Everyone of my friends say that Puppet Ganon was hard but I beat him without dying. I think it was all easy until that last hit where he kept going in circles, other then that it was easy. What do you think?
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Jun 22, 2011
Well I think the snake form is hard to beat, but it's not that hard to not die against. It just takes awhile to land hits and finish it off. I thought the puppet and spider forms were really easy though. It's hard to hit the snake's tail with the light arrow when it's moving, and you have a very small window of time to hit the tail if you stun the snake first. The battle is easier if you never get the hurricane spin because a normal spin attack can stun the snake. So yeah I completely agree with you; the battle is really easy except for the very last part when it's a snake.


the over analysing guy
Aug 17, 2011
South Wales
I only really had struggle with the snake form, all the times i've defeated him is by aiming in his general direction and hoping for the best.


Hero of the Stars
Nov 10, 2011
Lost Woods
I don't really thinks puppet Ganon was that hard but it was a fun boss. The hardest part in the battle has to be the snake form. It can get very tedious if you're not the best with the bow


Nyanko Sensei
Oct 18, 2007
The Netherlands
The first time i fought it, yes it was quite a challenge. I still find his first form quite annoying though.

As for the snake form, i found a little trick that might help. Hookshot on a higher platform and when it comes close to your range, throw some bomb. If the bomb hits, it may flinch/stun for a brief second, but still that second can make a difference.


Eating Link since 1987
Jul 27, 2010
The Wind Temple
I don't think Puppet Ganon is hard until the snake form. I find the snake form frustrating to hit with the Light Arrows since there is little room for error when firing at the tail.


Phantom of Time
Oct 2, 2011
I found Puppet Ganon to be about average in difficulty, personally. I only had trouble while he was in his snake form and when he was going around in circles in the end like you did (I've never been a very good shot with the bow and arrow though, so that may be why). The fight was rather fun overall, however.


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
The first time through, he was difficult because I had no idea what to do. He didn't deal any damage to me, but I did nothing at all to him either. Nowadays, he's extremely simple. Get a shot in, dodge, get another shot in, rinse and repeat.
Jun 25, 2011
Puppet Form was slightly challenging, but still fun. Spider Form was a bit confusing, slightly challenging, but still fun. Snake Form was very challenging, very frustrating, and not much fun. That's what it was to me the first time. Nowadays, the first two are easy as pie, but the third still maintains the difficulty that now makes it fun.
Feb 23, 2011
Overall, Puppet Ganon was of moderate difficulty. In my opinion, the third (Moldorm) phase of the battle was the most challenging, but was not much more difficult by comparison, as others here may have experienced.
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