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Would You Like To See Twinrova In A Future Game?



I would love to see the Twinrova come back! I remember as a kid playing Ocarina of Time and specifically turning off the N64 just before beating them, just so I could play the boss again! Then I might run to the shadow temple and complete a bit of that before getting scared (I was young) and then beating my favourite boss again!
Apr 23, 2010
I want them to come back, but I want to explore the origins of their powers. Awesome as they (she?) are in OoT, making them bosses in the same fashion seems like backpedaling in a franchise that needs to move forward. I want to explore them in their younger days, when they first learn their powerful magic and become the witches we all love (to fight). Being the proverbial mothers of evil, they have huge impact on the Zelda universe as a whole, and I want them explored more. Are they an extension of Demise's eternal curse, or are they their own evil entities altogether? Did they have to steal the magic abilities from someone else, or were they innate abilities? How did they acquire and train Ganondorf as their surrogate son? Were they hotter in their younger days? I have so many questions.

I really hope this idea comes through in a later installment. Mainly because they left the door wide open for that kind of thing to happen, and if anything, highlighting their past could even expose some depth to Ganondorf's story as a sort of counter-destiny to Link's without having to create a separate spin-off with Ganondorf as the main character or anything drastic (as some fans seem to show interest in).

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