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Twilight Princess Why Was Almost Everybody Dissapointed in Twilight Princess?

Aug 7, 2008
The expectations were just so high! It was a great game, but it aspired to be better than it turned out. For me, if the overworld had more stuff to do and more ways to use your items, the game would be bumped up several notches on my list. I would also love it if the combat were a little more challenging.

It's kind of funny that now all the ZD forums are filled with people bashing TP. It used to be AoL that was always getting hated on. Of course everyone had to end every post like so....

Don't get me wrong I Loved TP and AoL.


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Feb 8, 2011
Why I was severely disappointed:

- An imp rescued me from a cage and seduced me on a quest.
- Dinosaur birds existed after Hyrule's advanced years? How did they learn to make :bomb:s?
- YESH, I have all the Light Tea...WAT! I'm still one short?
- Almost EVERYBODY in Castle Town was deaf and mute and didn't stop to say hi.
- Some wannabe Magneto character in a dorky helmet shows up and turns me back into a wolf...AHMAN!
- How can Ganon be the new big-cheese and not have the monehs to train his minions to be more difficult?
- After being defeated 2+ times before, Ganny certainly has to stretch his remaining troops very thinly across the land.
- What language does the imp keep speaking in? Does she actually expect me to dig any of it?
- Man, Hyrule sure is drabber than I thought it'd be...
- Who keeps playing that music? STOP IT! I can't remember the one before!
- Quit talking about your Jovani, gurl! I want to buy a flower!
- Stupid big boar guy! Don't you ever die?
- This is where you live, Imp? It's so dull!
- Whoa, that Magneto-dude must be senile. He dropped his helmet and went crazy without realizing it!
- Why are all of Ganondorf's difficult lackeys stuck in some desert mesa?
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Sep 25, 2011
I found Twilight Princess to be really fun and somewhat more realistic in combat then some of the others. Granted... The only time I ever had trouble with enemies was in the Cave of Ordeals and taking on what was it... 4 Darknuts at once? I had a fair bit of fun playing the game. Granted... a lot of the items were really specific like the Dominion Rod and Spinner, but they were cool items none-the-less. A lot of people hated the sudden introduction of Ganondorf... I loved it! It worked to me and honestly I never liked Zant, he just never seemed to really be all that great of a villain to me. He showed up twice and once was hardly what I'd call brownie points cause all he did was revive Stallord. The introduction of Ganondorf when using what Midna told us about Zant and her people's power was the icing on the cake that made the game well worth it to me.


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Oct 30, 2011
i personally felt that TP was one of the best games in the series. its on my top 5 zelda list. i think what makes it so unique, is its twilight world - how well the darkness and beautiful parts of the game interact with each other - and... well... ZANT with those awesome dance moves.

i liked how intimidating Ganondorf was in the game. :D its good to mix it up a bit.
Oct 16, 2011
I don't think that I was dissapointed with it until I compared it with the other games I have played. Seeing that OoT, MM, and, DK64 are still my favorite games, I have likely put myself up for dissapointment from every other game I play. It was not a bad game, it just wasn't a great game and I expect great..


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Jul 27, 2011
I've highlighted the things in your post that either just plain didn't make sense or you didn't explain enough of.
Not sure what your thought process was when writing this post...

ok so i took a look at the ones you highlited and here are just the ones that were highlighted;

so by the time that epona was alot usefull you could already teleport. and that point of the game was just alot of back tracking

the carrige mission on gamecube was extremely hard the first time around cause you cant move and aim at same time

ok so there were no fire arrows which at this point are almost a seireis staple

the game tryed really hard to be like its older bro Oot but i use that in my time line theory

the game was so easy. i wanted it to be a bit harder

midna litteraly stoped you in your tracks to tell you stuff all the freiken time

the 11th was a joke

there were so many collection quests gold bugs and rupees.

the game tryed to be to realistic.

ok and i see youve seen my theory on the dekus in hyrule.


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Nov 23, 2011
I enjoyed Twilight Princess quite a bit tbh, it was quite fun. Me and my cousin played side by side he had it for the Wii and I had it for the GameCube, and we beat it together in the same room over a couple days.
Nov 28, 2011
I was very disappointed in Twilight Princess because it was pathetically easy. Definitely the easiest Zelda game in the series. I also found myself not caring at all about Midna or any of her problems. I thought being a wolf was boring and I personally hate seeing Zelda with realistic graphics. Beyond that I was annoyed by how similar it was to Ocarina of Time. OoT is a great game but I don't want to see the series fall back on other games as much as TP did; it makes it uninteresting. That all being said, I did enjoy the game a lot. It just doesn't do it for me when compared to other Zelda games. Plus Armogohma happened, and that was just soul shattering.

I feel like Nintendo put way too much work into all the extra stuff in the overworld and not nearly enough into the dungeons (which are the most important part, as far as I'm concerned) and bosses. The fact that Zant (who I actually thought was cool) was so dramatic in the reveal of his insanity had given me hope of a decent later boss fight to make up for the whole Armogohma fiasco. That hope was crushed into dust about four minutes later when I was through ripping him about a dozen new holes. And even the final dungeon was cake (although Ganon's dungeons aren't usually terribly difficult anyway) and the only hard part of fighting the evil lord himself is controlling your horse. That is not supposed to happen.

Also I hated Armogohma.

Most of the newer Zelda fans I know loved this game, and I am starting to think that may have been Nintendo's objective. Most of the people I know who were already big fans of Zelda when TP came out were pretty disappointed (much like myself). I think Nintendo was mostly trying to rope in new fans by revamping a bunch of stuff they'd already done as a sort of "Zelda crash course." Maybe, anyway. I dunno.
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heres my answer TP=Oot minda=navi twilight realm=old link or dark world u go to a forest temple than death mountain than to lake hylia sound fimilar


My only disappointments were how easy it was and that Ganondorf stole the show from zant! I like ganondorf but Zant was a lunatic which couldve have been more interesting to see if he was left as the main baddie. Overall the game was good but it didn't meet all my expectations nonetheless it was a blast to play through and i say thus far TP has the best boss designs in the franchise imo
Dec 10, 2011
Bay Area
I actually enjoyed it and it is up there as one of my all time favs. I know weird. I don't know, I just liked the music and the tone and the fact that it was the most realistic Zelda out there for it's time and probably still is. I have been playing Zelda since I was a kid back in the 80's and when OOT came out I was blown away and since then had desired a more realistic gritty type Zelda and TP delivered that for me. I still love OOT the best, I still have yet to play all the way through SS, but it is up there in the number three or four spot of best Zelda titles for me.


i loved it to it was the first zelda game i played and beat lol i don't see why others wouldn't like it!

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