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A Link to the Past Why People Don't Like It That Much?


Vaati wants you
Oct 10, 2010
A galaxy far,far away
In my oppinion I think that it, and majoras mask, are the two perfect zelda games, and therefore my favorites, the only problem is that oldschool gamers(like myself) say LoZ or AoL, while newschool gamers say WW or TP, then there are the people who say OoT before they really get into the franchise, I was one of those people at a time, but then I compared it to MM and ALttP and realised it wasnt all that good, and finally theres the zelda gamer, also like myself, who'll usually say MM or ALttP or LA
Nov 27, 2010
I have to say that I haven't played all the way through it (i tried but i just prefer 3-D zeldas)...however, the game itself for its time was simply amazing and definitely influenced the rest of the zelda series. I think it is difficult even for us hard core classic zelda fans (do i count on the N64) to look back and honestly say that ALttP was better than TP...
Nov 29, 2010
I truly love lttp.
It has everything i could ever wish for in a game.

When people say to me its an old game thats is why i do not play it.
That is not a reason.
Maybe they do not want to admit that if they play it they will like it more than modern games.
Lttp is to the Zelda series what Super Metroid is to the metroid series its benchmark title.
The fact is in my opinion ive played old and modern games and i just enjoy the old ones better.

What is not to like about lttp.
It has great music.
It is so addictive.
The levels are wonderfully designed.
It was such a great game for its time.
fantastic story.
great gameplay.
And near 20 yrs later its just as good if not better to me that it was back then.

I also loved the weapons,particularly the pegasus boots.
And also how the master sword fired when you had full health.
Here is the ending to Lttp.
Fantastic music.

There was so much to do.
It was the first Zelda game to have both a dark and light world.
Later copied by OOT.
To many gamers now say leave old games in the past.
Lttp was not great in terms of graphics but it was such an amazing game in every way it means nothing.

Super Metroid, and LTTP, two of the finest games ever made.
Both are the number one in their respective series..
Well that is up to them, but at least give these old games a chance before passing your verdict.

Think ill play both on my snes later.


Sep 15, 2008
Every single person I know in the Internet and irl love ALttP, except for this one dude who hates 2-D Gaming.
ALttP is a jewel in Nintendo's Crown and is easily one of the best games of it's age
Nov 7, 2010

I played it after the all the 3d console zeldas, and I still think is Amazing, sometimes I like it better than OoT O_O, sometimes equally
Nov 29, 2010

I played it after the all the 3d console zeldas, and I still think is Amazing, sometimes I like it better than OoT O_O, sometimes equally

it just gas it all mate.
Even after all these yrs its as awesome as ever.
Great music.weapons,enemies etc.
Will always be number one for me.
But only oot in terms of zelda games comes real close.
It truly is one of the best games ever.
And that is over all games consoles.


Hylian Rebel
Dec 5, 2010
It isn't so much that people don't like it. I know I liked it a lot. It's just that it really didn't... stand out.

LoZ was the first Zelda game.
AoL was the black sheep.
LADX was the first Game Boy title, and had a weird, dream-oriented plot.
OoT was the first 3D game.
MM had the 3-day system and transformation.
WW was cel-shaded and ships.
MC had shrinking.
TP was dark and shadowy, with the wolf and Midna.
PH had a customizable boat, sea battles, and the Temple of the Ocean King.
ST had the train and a ghostly Zelda.

So, most of the other games had a gimmick for which they stand out. The ones that don't are:


Those games tend to be swept under the rug, because they largely fall in line with what you'd expect of the Zelda series. There's not a whole lot that stands out about them. They're good games, but they're too "normal," and don't stand out from the pack.

ALttP deserves a lot of credit, though. It was a very good SNES game, and it's still very good if you take the time to get into it and play it again. It's just that it doesn't offer much that you can't get in any other Zelda game.

OoX is another overlooked game. It was released by Capcom, but it was still very good and felt like a Zelda game. It actually felt a lot like ALttP.

OoS had the ability to change the seasons
OoA had the ability to travel in time to different ages of the land
ALttP introduced the master sword, hyrule's origin, triforce's origin, golden land etc etc etc


Ordon Village
May 27, 2010
Ordon Village
I disagree that "nobody loves ALTTP" because personally I do love the game. It's one of my favorites, and I really enjoy every replay I've ever done. The dungeons are really creative and fun, and I love finding the pieces of heart and all the other items, switching between the dark world and light world to get some items, seeing how things are different between each world, it's just really really fun and interesting.


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a Link to the Past.
The first time I beat it I got all of the heart containers. I was only challenged by that one room in Ganon's tower with the torches and the moving floors and the wall masters. Otherwise, I could easily beat Ganon in five minutes or possibly fewer. I wish there were a 3 hearts quest, though. I don't like how they added those sound effects in the remake on the GBA, and took out your uncle's mysterious last words. I could easily beat it with almost all of the hearts in a few hours with a SNES, controller, and a TV to myself. But isn't 14 hearts already considered "almost all the hearts"?

In my opinion, 3D games like Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess simply can't compete with the epicness of the story or the awesome ending music ever!

I just wish the game's back-story made sense!


I love a Link to the past it is the version of the game that I still compare every other game to to this day.
Its the first Zelda I ever played and I loved it so much that I bought a Nes and both previous Zelda's to see what I had missed.
To me Zelda a link to the past is the perfect Zelda formula the one that all others copy the 1st two games on the Nes while still good games were finding their feet.
I'm glad I played Zelda a link to the past first it changed my opinion on what I expected from games in general and it's probably one of the most important games I played during my childhood which made me into a life long Nintendo fan.
It's one of the reasons why I loved Ocarina of time to much was because it was a link to the past but in 3d the Snes had light world and dark world and then Ocarina of time had child link and adult link.
While other Zelda's have surpassed it's mechanics with regards to technology and story telling etc Zelda a link to the past will always be my personal favourite to me that is what a Zelda game should be like.
Jan 1, 2011
I don't like that game that much because after getting the 3 pendant's that you need and then getting the Master Sword, I have no Idea what to do next. Like in the first Temple, I can't get to a certain part of the dungeon and I want to finish it badly but I get so confused that I just quit and then restart the game over again so I can retrace my steps. But other than that, I would love the game so much. :3
Feb 1, 2011
I like it because its just a classic game.

beating dungeons warping between light world and dark world.

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