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Why MC Isn't First


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Feb 7, 2009
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Also, regardless of where TMC may actually be placed, if Pinecove is destroying your argument with little ability to counter him, you're definitely doing something wrong.
Gee thanks. =/ (I seriously can never tell with you whether you're joking or not)

Do you know WHO the person who stated the "cap origin" thing is?


Nope. I tried to find out, but it pretty much went nowhere. We're the only ones who think it's important.
Mar 30, 2010
Maybe my reading comprehension is terrible, but do you have a link to the video in question?
Jun 1, 2010
It is common knowledge that Minish Cap is first and all the in-game evidence points to it. Also, the hat thing is purely metaphorical similar to the pig-like creatures. They are there as a representation of evil.


ok well I've been resurching this alot and i relativaly sure it is first and seeing as everyone is saying almost the same thing i wont bore you with the details i think we all agree that the auther of this thread is infact WRONG who is with me!!!!


Yea i agree. PLUS in TP Link doesn't have a cap at first SOOOO that doesn't mean "oh just because he has a cap in a game, it's not the first game in the timeline" :nod: ... I too get annoyed when people say it's the first. IT'S OBVIOUSLY NOT!!! :lol:

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Aug 19, 2009
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It's stated by Aonuma that the FS title for the GBA is the oldest tale in the Zelda series with FSA taking place some time after that. Using FSA's intro cutscene as proof, MC is before even FS.

Also, it's not specifically said that he was fighting off Ganondorf. The only evil he was fighting off was a severe outbreak of monsters, with no apparent master telling them what to do.

Actually, there is proof. Firstly, Ganondorf is not mentioned once. Granted it could be argued that he isn't mentioned because he's not plot relevant in that game but with him being the biggest threat Hyrule has ever seen, you'd figure there'd at least be a figurine. Also, copyright laws can't explain the lack of Ganon either because Nintendo was just as involved in the development of MC as they were in games like WW and OoT. They just had Capcom helping out. Another thing is that, while the people seem to know of the Triforce (there are Triforce symbols almost everywhere in the game), ad while the Triforce doesn't contribute to the plot, you'd figure that at least somebody would mention it once with it being the most sacred relic in all of Hyrule. This suggests that it was before OoT in which the Triforce became more relevant to people's daily lives.

Another thing is that, yes the hat thing doesn't mean squat, but most respected timeline theorists wouldn't use that as evidence because of what you said.
May 30, 2010
"And so ends Link's first quest."

Do you know what Link? Hero of Time? Hero of Wind? Its this Link's first quest. As stated by Nintendo themselves FS is the oldest tale then follows by FSA maybe MC after that?

"People that agree that MC is first."

People that agree that MC first needs a few tips:

-Nintendo themselves stated that this is the oldest tale in the Zelda Series.
-Can you find proof other then his first quest?


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Nov 11, 2008
I don't know if it's his thread but I have given other evidence than the first quest quote, the developer quote and the hat. Regardless, those two pieces of evidence and the hat are pretty substantial.


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May 10, 2010
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Ok, there are somethings wrong with that argument.
1. It does NOT show Ganon at ALL in the game in any way shape or form. The monsters are what the Hero of Men (Gustaf? Just NOT Link, though maybe SS will disprove...) saved Hyrule from. And the Ganon you saw is a Moblin. Did you play Wind Waker by chance? or Ocarina of Time? Just go to the Forsaken Fortress/Ganon's Tower, or the Lost Woods in the future.

2. You are right that him getting his cap doesn't prove anything, but that hardly supports your point by complaining about it.

3. You plainly saying this without proof is not helping anything. If anything, it makes me want to believe the opposite (though I admit I may be biased that it is first due to my timeline theory)

Here's my reasons on why Minish Cap IS first.
1. Hyrule has only been partially united, shown by a small Castle Town, a Lake Hylia closer to the source and with less erosion, the Gorons finding a cave to live in (though that may be a clue for the antithesis), Death Mountain not having formed yet, no desert, and every sprite of the game's characters (excluding Beedle's) has the pointed Hylian ears.
2. There is no mention of the Golden Power, Golden Land, or any war. The War of the Triforce is a pivotal event that takes place pre-Ocarina of Time, as it is when Link's mother is wounded and gives her child to the Great Deku Tree. If it had taken place post-war in any way, it would have mentions of it. The Royal Family's tomb having the pots shaped in a triforce and the royal family's seal may show that it was merely a legend they all believed in.
3. Ganondorf is not so much as mentioned or even hinted at in the game. If the game came after OoT, the people would probably have at least legends of the evil one.
4. Again, no hero pre-MC Link wore a green cap, and it seems likely that the people would idolize that Link for saving Hyrule and would feature him with a green cap from then on.
5. A war seems to start at the end of the game, with all the people beginning to fear the monsters. this may be the trigger to the War of the Triforce.

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