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Why Do Shooters Sell So Much?


Zora Warrior
Nov 3, 2009
Termina Bay
They can be really fun. People also enjoy action but they also enjoy violence. Many people buy them just for the online feature, the multiplayer allows people to play online and it is a great experience (as long as you don't have to listen to a bunch of ten year olds and other players threatening your mother). The creators of the most popular FPSs really know how to advertise and having websites like IGN promoting every other FPS, they gat a lot more attention than other games I really don't know why they sell so many copies though. The numbers are just outrageous.


The Better of The Best
Mar 13, 2012
It's because it's such a simple concept and online play is easy to access. You just shoot people and upgrade your level or weapons. It's almost like you're trying to survive as well and kind of gives you a rush. People are very competitive and like to go online and see who they can show up. I'd say it's mostly the online aspect because you can have like a virtual hang out with friends. You can chat and play video games together without having to drive somewhere.


Red Hair Wonder
Feb 27, 2012
New Jersey, USA
I think shooters have the appeal they do because they are simple, yet engaging. There isn't anything truly complex, and you have to be watching for enemies all the time. Personally, I'm not that skilled at fighting enemies in any game (unless it's a platformer' like Mario or Crash Bandicoot.) so games with more of a focus on defeating enemies without much strategy aren't really for me. not to say that those types of games are bad. I'm also not big on excessive gore, so FPS aren't exactly good for mild violence.

Just to point out, there are some difficult shooter games out there, strategy-wise. kid Icarus Uprising is really just shooting enemies, but the witty comments and large variety of weapons makes it more involved than just a couple of guns. And The Portal games are first person shooter games, but you shoot walls instead of people. And solve puzzles, which is prefect for me.


Brave Knight of Truth
Dec 22, 2011
Toronto, Canada
I think it is simply because of advertising. These companies who are making these games make it look completely different and fresh in the trailers, and this attracts people. I have a friend who plays CoD on his XBox all day and all night. The first two days of school after Black Ops was released he stayed home to play. Before it came out, he was telling me how it was going to be a completely new experience, and he throughly believed in was going to be crowned the best game of all time. Do you know what he told me after those three days of playing all day? He said that it is basically the same game that he bought last except for a couple of new guns.

Random Person

Just Some Random Person
Feb 6, 2010
The concept of first Person shooters is not a complicated one. The target audience is not people like us who want to delve into the world of a game and enjoy every aspect of it. The target audience is the Person who just wants to come home and have a little fun. The reason why we Zelda fans have a tendency to hate FPS fans is because we are opposite. Zelda fans look at every aspect of a game: how much fun it is, how it has evolved from its predecessor, how the story makes or doesn't make sense, etc. The major FPS mentality is, "will I have fun?" Not everyone wants to think so much, or even at all, when they play a video-game, thus all they need is a game that lets them kill each other.

I, myself, don't like FPS's that seem too real. CoD and MW are just not my type of things (because I don't like any realistic games, sports and racing games included). But when you put in impossible things like crazy guns (halo) and skiing tactics (tribes) it is incredibly enjoyable to me because I'm still leaving reality.

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