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Ocarina of Time Why Do People Find "The Shadow Temple" in OoT So Scary?


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Jun 22, 2011
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To be completely honest, the shadow temple has never scared me once in my life. Numerous horror movies and frightening images I've seen in my days makes the Shadow Temple seem like a joke. The themes are fitting, and the atmosphere feels eerie, yet it's not enough to scare me. I can see why others find it frightening, but it doesn't scare me.

"Scare" and "creep out" are fine distinctions. The Shadow Temple creeps me out, but it doesn't "scare" me. I'm not going to sleep with a light on or anything - but by the same token, I won't be in that dungeon in the dark late at night.


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Jul 25, 2011
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i just finished it, the worst parts are the guilotine hall, face illusion hall thing, invisible walls w/ respawing floor masters, room with the boss key, and the boss room. i like the boss though, its a creative idea


i don't think the shadow temple was really scary, but some of the creatures like the dead hand and the re-dead were pretty disturbing.


Jul 15, 2009
Also, OoT first came out over a decade ago, when many people here were young kids. At that age, it would certainly seem scary. Of course, this is all just an educated guess of mine.

This. I know I can't speak for everyone, but I know the main reason I found it scary- I was 6 at the time. And that impression of it being scary stayed with me until I played through it again fairly recently, and was like "Actually, that wasn't as bad as I remember".

I think what scared me more than the blood on the walls and the music and stuff was the fact I didn't feel like I was in control of the situation (same reason I was scared of redeads, I didn't feel like I could escape from them, wasn't confident I could defeat them)... being fairly young, I wasn't certain I could get out/succeed in a situation if one arose (e.g. accidentally falling down through one of the fake floors into a room full of Redeads or something, I wasn't confident enough in my fine motor skills or fighting strategy that I could get Link out of there alive. And yeah, I know, Game Overs aren't that big of a deal... but at the time, they were) If something like that happened now I'd be like "Ahh crud" *breaks out Din's Fire* *calmly finds way back to room I was in*. But back when I was 6, I wouldn't have been able to keep a cool enough head and would have just panicked and got scared, and then run into another situation, panicked and got more scared until I threw the controller at my dad [noparse]>.>[/noparse]

Although the music was pretty creepy. And I'm still mildly paranoid about the fake floors :suspicious:
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Jun 27, 2011
New Jersey
You know why Its creepy? Its the overall atmostspehere of it. Also, just wanna point out in the original, the ferry that you ride is a bird, and in Oot 3d its a skeletal ghoul or some creepy thing. Gave me the chiills.
Jul 1, 2011
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Things that latch on to you and shriek and take out a bunch of your health, falling through the floor suddenly, and Bongo-Bongo is not a face you want to see at midnight. I have done everything in Master Quest except for the Shadow Temple, because it seems like it would be impossible without 19 hearts.


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Jul 27, 2011
Bongo Bongo has his head and hands chopped off, which is hella creepy if not scary. It's mostly the general atmosphere, its like it's saying "people have died horrible bloody deaths and you will too". Of course, it's not horror movie scary, but still enough to creep you out.
Feb 23, 2011
I was 11 years old when I played it. It was scary, because I would let my imagination run wild. The surroundings, look, and atmosphere not only frightened me, but I used to think about all the souls and why the temple was near such a tranquil village; the skeletons and stuff that would speak to you, and stuff like that. I guess you can say I always had the temple's back story in mind for some reason while trekking through it. I bet the Shadow Temple's origins are all twisted and macabre... *chills* Oh, and where exactly is that Ghost Ship near Bongo Bongo's Lair headed to? *shudders*
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Nov 5, 2010
the music, dead hand the gulliteens (i know, bad spelling). I had a heart attack when a wall master came and took me to my death.

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