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Who is Your Favorite Link?

The Joker

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Nov 24, 2011
At Amusement Mile
I had discovered on November 20, 2011 that my favorite Link of all time was Skyward Sword's Link. I loved every item and customization abilities he had, and I also enjoyed his ability to show emotions.

Now that I know my favorite Link, what's yours?

I totally agree. I also felt that I got to know this Link better than the others. The Link in Twilight Princess was a nice one too.


Wind Waker!
Apr 6, 2012
Wind Waker Link..because I love Wind Waker. Also because as people say, he isn't a decedent or blood relative, he's just a kid who takes on a big responsibility, and has to find the Triforce himself, he is a brave little 12 year old, every other Link had the Triforce of Courage already inside of him, except for Skyward Sword Link, but SS Link was at least a Teenager, probably older.
Aug 24, 2011
Skyward Sword Link definitely:) he was by far the one that I got the most emotionally attached to.
Dec 26, 2011
Skyloft Knight Academy
I liked Skyward Sword Link on an emotional attachment level and I liked Twilight Princess Link on a looks level. He looked the most like a figher, the first with chainmail, and a more detailed tunic and his shield and clothes had a sort of worn travel look to them like I would expect a traveler and experienced swordsmen to be like. I also liked his tunic color in that game.


VERY hard to decide between Ocarina of Time and Twilight Princess, if we're talking about graphics. If we are, my least would without a doubt be SS. Just my opinion.
Apr 6, 2012
I cant choose. All of them are good. Im going to say link to the past link because he is in the most games (4 games). All others are in one sometimes two.

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