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Who is Your Best Friend on ZD?

Feb 23, 2011
i just come here to post on threads on such,i don't really interact w/ anyone here

Pretty much this ↑, though Big Octo comes pretty darn close. Not sure if the feeling's entirely mutual, though; totally okay if it isn't. I don't think I'll figure out this social stuff.


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
Everyone in Lawnmower enthusiasts, and Pre salmon and Big Octo Chatterbox Fm, you guys are generally great people and very accepting.

Sir Quaffler

May we meet again
I consider just about everyone here a friend/acquaintance in one sense or another. I'm not sure how that feeling's reciprocated, but I feel like I get along well with just about everyone here.

However, there are a few people I've come to consider closer friends, and some people I still consider good friends that are no longer active on the forums. (I'm not sure how these people feel about me, and this might be entirely one-sided. I'm... I'm not the best at making friends...)

Lord Vain
And in general, the people in the ZD Pokemon Skype chat, the people in Keith's private chat, and the rest of the moderator team.

Past members:
The Wanderer

*M i d n a*

The Black Star of Niflheim
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Aug 18, 2009
I need to get to know more people.. >. <

Vanessa is my greatest and dearest friend
Gobli/Atsuma/Moi Droog

So yeah... thats it for now it will be updated when I talk to people

What? I was included in your list? Cool. :cool:

But I thought there were no folks here who considered me their friend; besides Magatha.


Apr 22, 2011
Me and Justac00lguy are engaged, but he isn't my best friend. That would have to be :Zelda:druggie:

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