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Which version of OoT do you own?

Which Version?

  • Original N64

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  • Master Quest

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  • Collector's Edition

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  • Virtual Console

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  • Other (Maybe I forgot)

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  • Total voters
Nov 20, 2008
As the title says, Which version do you own?

I own it on the Zelda Collector's edition on GC.

For OoT there are:
-N64 cartridge
-Collector's edition
-and Virtual console

Tell me if I missed any.
Oct 20, 2008
I used to own an cartridge for the N64, but I don't have that anymore. Now I have the Collector's Edition of Ocarina of Time and Ocarina of Time: Master Quest. I also have the other collector's disk* with OoT and Majora's Mask and the two original Zelda's

*You can also own Ocarina of Time on the Collector's Disk, which has two other Zelda titles on it.

Hylian Hobbit

Delightfully Delicious ;P
Aug 20, 2008
I have the Collector's Edition version of OoT. I got it free when I bought my GameCube. But then it got destroyed, and I had to buy another one for $50. D:
May 16, 2008
Kentucky, USA
I used to have two copies of the N64 one, until I gave one away and sold my 64 way back (regrets). Then I also had Master Quest till I sold that as well (regrets even more). So I am left with only the Collector's Edition, which is ok I suppose. I still wish I had that Master Quest disk back.


Happy Valentines Day!
I have the gray cartridge 64 version, as well as Master Quest. I had just resubscribed to Nintendo Power when they offered the Collectors Edition so sadly I'm without it. ; -; Wait until I get a hold of my boyfriends collection, one day I shall legally own half of a Zelda Gold Cartridge and the Collectors Edition! :clap:

As for the VC version.. I don't' think I'd Bother getting it. I already have MQ to use with my GameCube controller so I'll save my money for another game I haven't played~

Mike Pothier

Lord Shaper
Apr 5, 2008
Southern California
Well, I put the original, the gold edition, which was the first I owned. I've since given that to my sister.

I still have both the Master Quest and the Collector's Edition.


Nyanko Sensei
Oct 18, 2007
The Netherlands
I own the grey N64 version with the gold logo in stead of the coloured one.


and i also own the GC Collectors Edition, with OOT & OOT MQ

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