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Which is Harder: Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess?

Which is harder: Ocarina of Time or Twilight Princess?

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Jan 1, 2011
Lol, this is going to make me laugh: Twilight Princess was a joke of a game. It was too predictable, it was easy. Midna techneclly helped throughtout the whole story. I found the Temple's and dungeon's to be very easy and pathetic. Some of the Mini-Bosses and Main Bosses were too easy too. But yet, we have to try and make Ganondorf such a "badass" (pardon my French), when it was too easy. And I only played this game twice, 1) just because it was my first time playing and 2) for a 3-heart challenge.

Ocarina of Time is more fun than Twilight Princess in general. The bosses and enemie's were fun to battle. I never once liked playing this game due too lack of boredom, or achieveness. This game was a lot more tougher te first time than Twilight Princess.

So, to answer the question, I find Twilight Princess a joke and Ocarina of Time is the ssixzx
Feb 22, 2011
Its a tough one, as the games are similar when it comes to difficulty. I would have to say TP because enemies are harder and there are some tricky puzzles (not taking away fromany of OoT excellent puzzles and dungeons)


to me theyre both about equally hard. TP was longer, you had to do so much just to get to the next temple. oot was hard *ahem water temple* because of the many puzzles, enemies and challenges in one dungeon. TP was made easier with the different hidden skills and items, and oot was made easier with getting to a new temple.


The Rodent King
Jun 15, 2011
The Tree
Ocarina of Time was much harder for me (partly because I don't have a guide book for it), but mostly because of the harder to beat dungeons. The bosses were pretty easy to me (except for Morpha.) Twilight Princess is just generally pretty easy. The dungeons aren't that hard. The bosses the same as the dungeons and no confusing messing around going back and forth through time (I hate young Link too). The dungeons were much too confusing in Ooc but seemed to not just be random objects thrown all over the place in TP.


Gone (Wind) Fishin'
Jul 16, 2010
Montreal, QC, Canada
OoT was, by far, the harder game. Twilight Princess has very simple dungeon puzzles and even simpler inter-dungeon segments; comparatively, the segments between dungeons in OoT were considerably harder and complex, even with having two to three characters that give you advice as opposed to Twilight Princess' one. The dungeons in TP were also laughably easy (and I daresay repetitive, in certain dungeons), always using the dungeon item for every puzzle in a given scenario. The same goes for the bosses in TP; although, the same is true for OoT. However, in OoT, there were more complex arrangements of things you had to do to damage bosses, which mitigates the frequent use of the dungeon item.

Twilight Princess is certainly the easiest of all the 3D Zelda games in my books, with OoT probably being the hardest of the 3D games, save for certain parts in MM.


state alchemist
Jun 13, 2011
when i first played the Oot water temple i had to use an online guide and it STILL took me 3 hours to complete it. a lot of the other temples were quite challenging as well. so ya, Oot is harder.

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