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OoT-N64 Where Did Jabu Jabu Go?


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Oct 14, 2011
When Link becomes an adult Jabu Jabu is no longer in Zora's Fountain but i think someone says he went away somewhere. Where did he go? Also, how did he get out? Zora's Fountain is completely sealed in. so if there is no way out but he's no longer there yet the Zora try to convince you he SOMEHOW managed to go somewhere else, what happened to him?

I reckon the Zora's ate him. Sort of an ironic punishment because he swallowed Ruto


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Dec 19, 2011
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You know that's something I've always wondered myself, but never could seem to find any answers. I wish they would have explained it when Link became an Adult.
Jan 29, 2012
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Maybe he was killed by Ganondorf but the Zora's don't want to accept it, him being some sort of deity-like creature to them, so they pretend he's gone away on a journey somewhere.
Maybe Jabu-Jabu knew that he had finished helping the hero of time in this time so he time-traveled into the time of Wind Waker and was the whale that gave toon link the last pearl. I think that is impossible for a normal whale, but didn't the Zoras worship him as a god? So that whale, being a god/spirit of some sort, was able to do that. I just thought of this right now, so i don't know, you can believe it if you want to.


Jabu Jabu is dead, but in OoT 3D there´s a glitch that when you´re adult link you can still enter Jabu Jabu, search for it, i already did it and it really works and it´s not difficult

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