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When Do You Complete Your Homework On Weekends?


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Jul 12, 2010
Ganon's Tower
I usually do them on Friday. I do take breaks to do activities whether it is play squash or play video games, but I try to get them done on Friday evenings. If I'm not done, I'll usually finish before lunch on Saturday.
Dec 21, 2011
My life's goal is to not have homework. I will go to hell and back to get it done in school. So, I usually don't have homework on the weekends.

However, in the rare case that I do have homework on the weekends, I usually free up my entire Sunday for it.
Sep 10, 2011
My homework is almost always saved for late Sunday night, early Monday morning, or, rushed as f****ing hell in school before class. There's a mixture of reasons, however the main two are my annoying procrastination habit and my busy schedule. I'm so busy on the weekends; cooking, cleaning, the chores list goes on and on. The rare moment I do have some free time, I usually just spend it thinking about all the stuff I have to get done without actually getting it done.

I'm lucky to have teachers that could really care less about the homework they assign. I get an easy 5/5 from my teacher glancing at the "homework" I've set on my desk, which is usually something random I've scribbled down in the hall before class. On rare occasions, especially in math class, I'll use an old assignment to show my teacher with the same types of problems on it . . . boy do I laugh when the teacher walks by with no idea and checks me off xD

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I am most definitely a Sunday procrastinator. For example, I have Statistics homework this weekend, and I STILL haven't started it. Luckily, this weekend is a three-day weekend (my school has off for Rosh Hashana, which is kinda weird since it's a public school with no religious affiliations, but hey I'm not gonna question it. :D) so I still have some time to do it. I'm planning on starting it pretty soon, though. Of course, I have a working internet connect, so it could be kind of hard for me to focus on it. :/
I'll let you in on a little secret: I rarely do my homework at all. If I actually do it, I get it done at school. I have this weird hatred for practice worksheets because I am a person who grasps concepts quickly, and therefore the excess homeworks for the slower people seems redundant to me.

But, that's just how I am. My grades suffer slightly from that--which really bothers my teachers because I do so well on the tests... xD

Anyways... weekend homework? Well, most of my teachers don't assign stuff on Fridays, but if there is some... I will normally get it done in my Monday study hall. Luckily, it's before any of my major classes this year. So... teehee... procrastination... <3
Sep 10, 2011
mandym287;557675 But said:
Monday study hall[/b]. Luckily, it's before any of my major classes this year. So... teehee... procrastination... <3

I'm curious, how much does homework count in your grade? It was a big deal in my high school when they finally dropped the homework percentage grade from 20% to 10-5%, so missing even 3 assignments doesn't even move my grade percent by more than one . . .
And ugh, you're soo lucky to have study hall early -.- A procrastinator's DREAM


Sep 19, 2011
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I always do it the night before school

:yes: I think I can easily say that's what most people to... or not do it at all.
I can actually recall getting away with a piece of homework for 6 months with some really lame excuses like, "I haven't done it yet I nearly have", "nearly done it", wouldn't come in on that day because of illness then "I did it... but forgot to bring it", then "I lost it" then "My printer ran out of ink" it got to the point where he said "look if you don't bring it in detention". So that's when I brought it in. ;p but sheesh to let me get away with it for that long.

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