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What's Your Birthstone?


  • January:Garnet

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  • February:Amethyst

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  • March:Aquamarine

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  • April: Diamond

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  • May:Emerald

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  • June: Pearl

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  • July:Ruby

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  • August: Peridot

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  • September: Sapphire

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  • October: Opal

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  • November:Citrine

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  • December: Blue Topaz

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Oct 4, 2010
My birthstone is emerald. I love emeralds because of their beautiful green color. Is it really a coincidence that one of my favorite colors is green?


The Geekette
Nov 25, 2007
My birthstone is an opal, but I really don't care for them. They aren't particularly strong and aren't visually pleasing to me. I prefer a pink tourmaline, which tends to be the alternative stone to an opal (however, less common to find than an opal). In turn, an alternate for pink tourmaline is the pink sapphire, which is a lovely color and quite strong.


Jan 31, 2010
a place of settlement, activity, or residence.
Wow! I'm the only Aprilian. :hmm:

Actually, not quite. My birthday is April 1st, and as such my birthstone would also be diamond.

Like Mandy said, though, most months and star signs have multiple birthstones. Another common birthstone for my star sign is Bloodstone, but that's typically associated with March. Sapphire was traditionally associated with April in some traditions, but it's been moved to September in modern times.

Diamond seems to be the most commonly accepted stone, though. Here's some info about it in that context:

"She who from April dates her years,
Diamonds shall wear, lest bitter tears
For vain repentance flow."​

April Birthstone - Properties of the Diamond

For those who were born in the month of April the Diamond is the traditional birthstone. The April birthstone poem reflects some of the properties with which the Diamond is associated - enhancing relationships and increasing inner strength. The Traditional Metaphysical Properties for the April Birthstone Diamond are balance, clarity and abundance. The healing properties of the April birthstone are reputed to be effective for health problems relating to brain diseases, pituitary glands. The Diamond is also used to draw out toxins and therefore was used as a remedy for poison.

April Birthstone Zodiac Sign

The twelve Zodiac signs are an astrological version of birthstones in addition to the twelve calendar months. The April birthstone of the Diamond is considered to be the birthstone for Aries (The sign of the Ram) and relate to those born between March 21 - April 20. The Zodiac sign of Aries also responds to Bloodstone, Topaz Sapphire, Jasper, and Aquamarine.

April Birthstone - Where are Diamonds found?

The popular April Birthstone of the Diamond is found in the following countries:
  • Australia
  • Ghana
  • Zaire
  • Russia
  • USA
  • Brazil

April Birthstone - the Color of the Diamond

The traditional color associated with the Diamond is white, or colorless, and is strongly favored as a popular gem in jewelry. The April birthstone diamond is categorised into the following: Colorless, Nearly colorless, Faintly tinted (usually yellow), Lightly tinted (usually yellow) and Tinted (usually yellow but may progress to brownish).

Definition of the Diamond, the April Birthstone

Definition of Diamond, the April birth stone: The word Diamond is derived from the Greek word "adamas" which means "hardest metal" which reflect the property of the stone. The diamond is a precious stone or gem excelling in brilliancy and beautiful play of prismatic colors, and remarkable for its extreme hardness. This gem is a member of the Diamond (Carbon) family. It is the hardest substance known. The diamond as found in nature (called a rough diamond) is cut, for use in jewelry, into various forms with many reflecting facets, by which its brilliancy is much increased. The crystal structure of the Diamond, the April birthstone, is Isometric.

April Birth stone - the History of the Diamond

For those who were born in the month of April the Diamond is the traditional birthstone. The history, myths, legends and folklore surrounding the magical properties of different birthstones have been handed down through the ages and from different civilisations.


What a fearsome beast!!
Dec 19, 2011
Oklahoma city, OK
Mine is pearl and I have got to say I LOVE pearls! i would chose a pearl over a dimond any day! I also have a strand of graduated pearls though i have to resting them because they are very very old. My mom told me that they are mine though I will only get to have them on my wedding day. So yeah lol

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