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General Modern Whats Harder?


Jan 31, 2010
a place of settlement, activity, or residence.
TP is probably the more difficult game. It has a lot of things like Sumo Wrestling, walking on ceilings, and fighting shadow beasts as a wolf that could potentially be challenging. WW is pretty easy if you already know how to play OoT, on the other hand.

Not that either one is especially hard, though.


Jan 27, 2010
South Central United States
I found Wind Waker hard actually. I actually have to try more than once on certain things when I played. In Twilight Princes I could finish I dungeon in 30 minutes to and hour and a half. Wind Waker is also much more tedious. Especially with the Triforce Shard collecting. :/ It's awful.


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Aug 6, 2010
I think that Wind Waker is easier than TP. But not by much. There are certain elements of each game that are harder than others. I personally had a harder time with TP even though neither of them were extremely hard.
Oct 2, 2010
Faron Woods
I still feelo WInd Waker is more challenging as a whole. TP has harder enemies, but the puzzles are easier and the design is more linear. WW has harder dungeons (really, no dungeon in TP make me think as much as the Wind or Earth Temple), harder bosses and traveling to one place to the other is also more challenging. TP had its moments, though, but WW had some harder puzzle elements and bosses. I really had some trouble with a couple of them, and I actually used fairires. TP on the other hand was just too easy.
Jan 28, 2010
Wind Waker is much harder to 100%, well at least there is so much more you have to do in Wind Waker exploring all 49 islands, collecting all 41 treasure charts, getting all the secrets, finding all the submarines, unlocking all the secrets on the bokoblin watch towers, the figurine collection if we are talking the second quest, the joy pendant quest, all the great fairies. I found everything in TP in about a week and a bit of playing. Wind Waker took me until last year.

Yeah, I 100% TP first and three years after that I 100% WW and I played them both a few times a year each. The only thing hard/annoying to get in TP are the poe souls. The bugs are a joke and the heart pieces are even more of a joke.


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Jul 27, 2010
The Wind Temple
I think TP is harder overall than WW, but they're both quite easy. On my first playthrough of each, I died twice in TP and not at all in WW. I do think WW's dungeons and sidequests are harder than TP's, though.


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Jul 16, 2010
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TP is way easier than WW in my opinion. I mean, WW did have me scratching my head and throwing my controller on some parts, but really I was able to beat all the bosses on TP on the first go. There was hardly any challenge at all. Most of the puzzles were laughable. I think the hardest part of TP was the puzzle you had to do before getting into the Temple of Time. Otherwise, it was a breeze.
TP is most certainly easier to 100% than WW.
WW has a ton of side quests and something to do on each island, whereas there were hardly any side quests or minigames to do in TP

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Sep 3, 2010
I think WW is quite a bit easier than TP. I don't mean getting 100% on the game, I just mean completing it like a normal person.

For instance, take the Forest Temple dungeon. It was rather challenging in some aspects, correct? It was kind of confusing for a first dungeon, while WW's first dungeon was a cakewalk throughout. Wind Waker has plenty of sidequests, but that's what makesit harder than TP when you complete it 100%. Overall, TP's bosses were much harder than WW's. Remember Argorok? Or perhaps Stallord? These two boss fights in particular seemed to drag on and on. They were very pleasing and fun at the same time - they kept you on the edge. TP bosses were not only menacing in looks, but also had some pretty cool and entertaining strategies to defeat them. Back in the day when I first fought Argorok, I couldn't figure out that Argorok changed its attack pattern so I kept clawshotting into its breath. Oh, memories. TP has some stand-out puzzles like the Ice Cavern and Snowpeak Ruins ice block puzzles as well as the Sacred Grove puzzle. WW really had none to speak of.

The challenge in WW didn't come from the dungeons or the bosses - it came from the huge sea surrounding you. I found the most I struggled in a dungeon was basically on in the Wind Temple. The place was massive and difficult, but I still don't think it'sas complicated as Stone Tower Temple, Water Temple or even Lakebed Temple. WW had its difficult moments like the Triforce Shard hunt, but that only lasted a small portion of the game. Like I said before, the challenge comes in finding out where the heck you go.

Overall, TP's got the edge for me. Completing it 100% can be done practically without a guide if you're dedicated enough, but WW really drives you nuts if you don't have a guide next to you when you find the heart pieces and other secrets hidden throughout a flooded Hyrule. That's just my opinion, anyway. :)
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Jul 16, 2010
Montreal, QC, Canada
I found Twilight Princess to be the easiest by far, and by far the easiest 3D Zelda, period. It was blatantly obvious from the get-go how to beat the TP bosses, and I beat the game at 100% completion with very few issues. The puzzles seemed extremely simplistic, but what annoyed me the most is that a lot of the time, rather than opting to create more difficult or ornate puzzles, Twilight Princess seemed to just give the illusion of difficulty by bloating the dungeon size and turning it into some sort of repetitive labyrinth-like structure (*points to City in the Sky*). I found the side quests, too, to be incredibly simplistic and easy. The combat was also a breeze, both in boss fights and out; the only boss that gave me serious trouble was the mini-boss guarding the Ball and Chain in the Snowpeak Ruins.
That's not to say that I thought the game wasn't all overly simplistic; it certainly had its shining moments of ingenuity, notably Arbiter's Grounds and Snowpeak Ruins.

Wind Waker, by contrast, brought a lot of new things to the table with sailing and a great expansion on the exploration component of the Zelda franchise, adding a nice aspect of non-linearity. This gave the player the sense of true adventure, never being certain where they would wind up next. The dungeons were certainly more difficult, with some interesting puzzles in the Tower of the Gods and the Wind Temple, who both had multiple layers to their puzzles; the real stand out of the game was the Earth Temple, which was reminiscent of both the Shadow Temple and the Spirit Temple from Ocarina of Time. The light-based puzzles are almost always my favourites, because it involves the manipulation of many different factors to get the proper end result. I also found the bosses to be generally harder, particularly the final battle in WW compared to the final battle in Twilight Princess. The final battle of Wind Waker was truly engaging and exciting for me, but the Ganondorf battle at the end of Twilight Princess felt drawn out and forced by the time I'd finished.

To reiterate, I think Wind Waker was most certainly the harder of the two in nearly every regard.

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