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What Would You Think of Link and Zelda Getting Married?

Blue Canary

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Feb 11, 2012
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Now I think that some of you when you think of Link and Zelda getting married, you don't realize it means Link would be king. Now that isn't what I wanted to talk about. I want to say that I think about it all the time, and I think that maybye it would be cool just to see a video or something of it.:hmm:


Jan 10, 2011
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In some cases it makes sense. WW/PH, ST, and SS (and maybe MC). Other than that, it doesn't really fit. (And we definitely won't see a video of it made by Nintendo. That goes with any characters involving Link.) In any case, to answer the question, no. There's no need to actually see in in-game. Trust me, that would cause an uproar in the Zelda community.
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Dec 19, 2011
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Nah, I don't think Link and Zelda getting married would be any good. I mean she's a princess and she only likes Link as a really good friend, but not as a life partner. I think Link would have better luck with Malon or Ruto or someone else who has some any love interest in Link. Zelda never has and I doubt ever will.


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Mar 11, 2011
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I do not support Zelink. In fact, I protest against it. Thus, I would not like to see anything where they got married, especially if it was an official thing directly related to the series.

That being said, I also don't think he would get that lucky. Unless it is for SS, I think he is out of luck for getting the Princess. She is way out of his league, and besides, I don't think her feelings for him pass a strong friendship in most the games anyway.
Dec 17, 2011
I would like it, but only when there's an actual relationship established in-game that could eventually lead to the two getting married. SS and ST showed it to be likely, while others like OoT and TP didn't really suggest a romance as strongly as those games did.
Jan 2, 2012
I can see it happening after most games, most obviously after SS, WW, PH, ST, etc., but also in most other games, even could happen in TP. there's no reason for Zelda to not go gaga over link after he singlehandedly saves her kingdom. Also, I think they're kinda destined by history and tradition and all that other gooey stuff.
Feb 5, 2011
I can see them getting married. However, according to some laws, only a blood relative can be declared ruler of a kingdom. Meaning Link would only become an honorary prince and Zelda would become queen, so Link wouldn't really be that much in charge.

Night Owl

Oct 3, 2011
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Aside from Ruto in OoT, Ilia in TP, and Zelda in SS. Link seems to be the master of the friend zone when it comes to girls.

That being said I would Like to see a game that begins with Link's child saving the kingdom While his parents are captured.
Dec 21, 2011
Well the definitley need a kissing scene that's for sure. There were so many emotional moments and cut scenes in SS (especially in the very beginning) and not to see them kiss was a real dissapointment. They don't need to make out, just a simple kiss on the cheek/lips from Zelda to Link for saving the day would suffice.

EDIT: I just realized I didn't even answer the question lol. No, I don't think they should get marryed. That would be extremely awkward to put into an actual Zelda game. Can't say I have't thought of it before though.


I think only SS so far really...
WW mabye
but in all the rest Zelda is still way out of links league.
May 6, 2012
Hyrule Castle
Ok so I think that Nintendo would've shown that by now if thy wanted to. Honestly I like the calm (kinda) relationship between them. As far as Link becoming king s is concerned A) not every game has Zelda as princess
:cool: lets face it. Link wouldn't be a good king. Nature hates him (mostly cuckoos), he listens to tiny fairies, and he schizophrenically becomes a wolf..... ;)


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May 6, 2012
I think not because the main priority in the games are to save hyrule and all and if he had a series relationship with any girl i don't think they would allow him to got out on dangerous missions. I can't see Link getting married or being 'serious'

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