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What Would You Change?

Feb 27, 2009
If you had the power to change something in Twilight Princess, what would you change? Or if you liked it, and would not change it what would you add?

I loved TP so I would not change anything, however, I would add more side quests to the game, then you have something to do besides just the main story. But what about you?


The King
Aug 18, 2009
I would really want more side quests. Also more use of items like the Ball and Chain, Dominion Rod and Spinner outside of the dungeons. I would have also liked to see magic, and having more difficult ennemies and bosses. It was too easy.
Oct 20, 2008
Mainly, I would want to reduce the linearity of the game and add more options and allow more ways in which a temple or dungeon can be completed.

I'd also change Hyrule Field, that is, making it more 'open' (more like a vast expanse of land, like a prairie in some parts, and more hilly and mountainous in others).

Lastly, I would increase the difficulty of the dungeons and bosses, and also make it so that a boss's defeat wasn't restricted to one method, this adding to the increased difficulty, that is, making the player figure out a plethora of methods to weaken and ultimately slay the boss. Likewise, this would take away from the linearity, which would be my goal in changing things.


There's a Bazooka in TP!
Feb 28, 2009
Ontario, Canada
I really did enjoy the game, but I think there could have been a bit more use of the dungeon items like the Dominion Rod and especially the Spinner. They were great items, but more places to use them would have been great.

The additional non-dungeon places to use them (or rather non-dungeon in terms of not the dungeon they were found in) seemed tacked on. It almost would have been better to leave the item in the dungeon and not keep it as a part of your inventory instead.

Other than that, I was really satisfied with the game. I know people say it was easy, but conversely everyone complains that the harder Zelda titles are too hard. So maybe they could find some kind of middle ground, but then I know there would still be complaining it wasn't harder / easier. :P
Oct 26, 2008
Firstly, I would change the use of the Ball and Chain, Spinner and Dominion Rod. I would change it so that each item got to see more use outside of their respective Temples, There were a few exceptions for where each one got used but thats it (Like getting Heart Pieces or moving the statues to get the letters).

Next I would change Zant, Not because I didn't like Zant, Its because I think it would be interesting to see what the game would have turned out like if Zant was his own person and was his own source of power. Although I would have still wanted to see him going insane when he realised there was nothing he could to do to stop Link. I think that if the game would be remade like this it may make this game's plot even more interesting.

The third thing I would change is the Temples, Although I like them as they are I think that what I would change could make the game even better. I would like to make it so there is more backtracking and alternative routes in each Temple (And each of their bosses). Every temple with the exception of the Arbiter's Ground and the Water Temple were all pretty much a straight forward path (except although a few temples had main rooms they were still straight forward). I would also like to see each temple longer....they didn't seem to last that long compared to Temples from OoT.

Following on from the last one I would change the Bosses, They was only one way to beat these making them easy, I would like there to be a bit of a mix in there. MM is a good example as there are 2-3 way of beating each boss in that game, In TP each boss was just finding out the bosses weakest spot and using the same technique to hit it (except for mid way when a few bosses changed their own strategy).

Finally is the hardness of this game, I felt that it was a little bt too easy. A few parts did challenge me but these areas where rare and only happened in the later Temples...outside of the Temple's there was actually nothing to give me a challenge. So, I would make this harder but not so hard that everyone complained about it being to hard.
Sep 13, 2009
Okay, to start out, I'd like to say that TP was a very good game. I know lots of people like to complain about it being too much alike OoT, but it really was its own game at the same time. Despite its being a good game, it does have its flaws, as does every game.

First thing I would probably change concerns the Spinner. It was an awesome item, as I'm sure many would agree. It had one flaw, though: it wasn't used enough. Okay, so you used it in Arbiter's Grounds, and you even used it to get a few heart pieces. But it wasn't used beyond that. There are items, such as the Bow and Arrow, which are used in multiple dungeons, since they're all-around items. The Spinner could be much the same, if Nintendo allowed. It was a very good item idea, but it didn't get enough use.

Another thing I have a concern about is the Slingshot. It felt very tacked-on to me. You used it very little before the first dungeon, and then it became useless. Just another item to eat a slot in your inventory. Worthless!

The Magic Armor is another thing that needs to be fixed. I liked it. I mean, it could be used to get rid of money so you could get that chest in that dungeon that would otherwise be forgotten about. It was useful in situations in which you had tough enemies to face (such as floor 49 in the Cave of Ordeals). Yet, it had one flaw: it was treated like an armor upgrade rather than an item. This means you had to equip it like armor, which involves hitting the Start button, going over to it, and hitting the A button. Same thing to dequip. Now, if it were treated like an item, it would be a matter of assigning at a button (Y or X) and hitting that to equip/dequip it. A lot easier, don't you think?

My next complaint has to do with the hidden technique, the Great Spin. You charged it and unleashed a powerful spin attack. Cool, right? Wrong! You had to build power, and then be at full health, to boot! Not only does this mean you'll almost never use it (come on, when was the last time you were full health in the middle of a dungeon?), but it's a pain to execute, as well. If it didn't have that full health requirement, it wouldn't be nearly as bad. Or if it still had that requirement, but expanded on all your sword attacks. Either way works for me.

Now we move on to the Helm Splitter. To do this move, you had to first Shield Bash, and then hit the A button (I do believe, it has been awhile though). How about, instead, we get rid of the Shield Bashing part? Instead, maybe we hit A, then B in mid-air. It would be a lot less of a hassle to use, right?

Another thing lots of people have noticed about TP, is the lack of strategy involved in the boss fights. They are all simply too easy! I died maybe once at Zant my first play-through, and once or twice at Ganondorf (the fight as a whole) my first playthrough. Pathetic! They're the final two bosses and I didn't even break a sweat deafeating them! Gohma (or whatever the Temple of Time's boss is) was easily the easiest boss of them all for me. Again, no skill was required at all. You simply find the working strategy, and apply it until the boss is dead. Nothing at all to it. This also ties into the enemies.

The enemies in TP weren't hard at all, except for the Dark Nuts. They, unlike others, required thought and skill to beat. They actually hit you once or twice, and it hurt. In other words, they were awesome. The other monsters, however, were poor. Their AI is incredibly stupid and needs work, as does their placement. Maybe have them ambush you out of nowhere? Maybe place them in an area that will benefit them, but not you? Come on, Nintendo! Where's the challenge?

Both of the above two things could be fixed with Difficulty Levels. With this, we could have hard-core gamers, new gamers, and regular gamers all be happy.

Another big complaint I have is Zant. He was a terrible character at the end! Nintendo did a good job making him out to be an evil, powerful guy who needed to be stopped, until the end, when he was just revealed to be a whiny, pathetic, over-dependent brat. I was hugely disappointed with his turn-out. I really do believe he had a lot of potential, and Nintendo ruined it!

EDIT: The post below mine has reminded me of some other things:

Personally, I liked Wolf Link. It might be that I'm biased, since I love wolves, but it seemed to work for me. For one, the senses was something new and unique that added something to the game, in my opinion. I liked how the scents were implemented, how you could dig for rupees and such, and even that you could see otherwise invisible creatures. However, the wolf also had its flaws. For one, his attacks lurched you forward, bringing the possibility of leaping right over the edge. Another thing is Midna's cheap attack. It was a one-hit KO to the Twili monsters, which goes back to what I said about enemy difficulty. Now, I don't think it was a bad attack, just that it was overpowered. If, instead, you had to weaken the enemies first, and then go in for the kill, it would have been a lot less cheap.

Another thing that I (and others) have come up with is the possibility of Werewolf Link, as opposed to Wolf Link. He would be a lot cooler, it would make more sense that people and Gorons be afraid of him, and his attacks wouldn't send him forward. The senses would still be in the game, he could actually use items like this, and it would fit more with the theme TP had.

The Double-Clawshot was a major disappointment for me. I went through the City in the Sky, thinking it was a cool dungeon, bound to have a cool new item that I just couldn't wait to see, and I find another Clawshot! Granted, this opened up new possibilites the normal Clawshot didn't, but I just can't help but think that someone else (such as Barnes, maybe even Fyer) could have made that for me. Yes, I'll give that it's cool, but certainly not cool enough to have its own dungeon, when another item could have been there.


Mother Hyrule
May 17, 2009
on a crumbling throne
I would completely rid the game of Wolf Link. *bricked*

I know somebody is going to "Baaaw" at me about it, but personally, I think it'd be a lot more interesting to have to use your items to make your way around the different levels instead of being a wolf, and I also think Epona needed more screen time. For having such interesting items like the Spinner, Double Claw Shot, and Ball & Chain, there just wasn't enough need for them in the game, and that was unfortunate. I think the entire transformation was a bit silly, and I think the game could have had felt a lot more Zelda-esque had their been more need for the items you obtained.


The Dutch Kusagari
Oct 17, 2007
The Netherlands
TP is a very good game, but still I think the following changes could have been better.

First of all, I would keep wolf-link, but make the levels you have to use him more challenging. Now it is just sniff on an item and follow the scent, no real threats, no puzzles, just walking and avoiding enemies.

Then I would make the bosses a bit more difficult to kill. Some bosses are already challenging (Stallord, Argorok), but others are way too easy.

Last but not least I would kick ganondorf out of the game. Zant should have been the main evil character and he really was until ganondorf appeared. Zant should also take over hyrule castle instead of keeping zelda there as a 'sort of' ruler'.


Corrupted Idiot
Aug 20, 2009
The Netherlands
I really liked the idea from Wolf Link, i enjoyed to use him but the problem was he has so much easy quests. The only role he has was to find the Shadow Insects en return the province into light again. Well he has some roles in the Temples of Twilight Princess too, not enough in my opinion, only to search for poe's and the Death Sword in the Arbiters Grounds. I really wanted to use him often, the way we have to use him was really disappointing. I love wolves in general, i didn't like the Shadow Insects quest with him. That was also him most important role into the game. He needed more love.

Second one are the special items like the Dominion Rod, Spinner and the Ball and Chain. They have to me my favorite item in all the Zelda games ever, finally i see another idea than the standard Bow and Arrow, Bombs, Hookshot etc. The problem was they were hardly used. You only needed it into the Temple were it's placed. Also i wanted to see a more challenging area's with the Spinner, like the ''Spikey Barrel'' thing in the Arbiters Grounds. The Bal and Chain was only for breaking the Ice blocks or another frozen thing. I found out you have to use all this specials items in the last Temple or know as the Hyrule Castle to Ganondorf. I wish we could use this items more.

Hearth Pieces is the thirt, they were just so easy to find. I had a hard time finding the Hearth Pieces in the other Zelda games, but in TP it was just a giga easy quest. The secret places were just easy to find. They really need difficult places or more challeging stuff. The way we have to find them in TP was nothing against what i did in Ocarina of Time.

I agree also with the people about Zant, he was just used by Ganondorf to return. I wanted to see him as bloodthirsty Vampire something who's got him own Power source. My first thougts was that Zant was a new Major enemy, he turned out as a weak crazy bastard used by Ganondorf. I really loved Zant, and i still love him after his crazy doing in The Twilight Real. It's only a unfortune he didn't have his own power.

Overall i really love Twilight Princess, much better than Ocarina of Time but a game can never be a perfect game, like the difficulty of this game was off. But we can hope for a better challenge in the new Zelda game in 2010, and i hope Wolf Link will return with a better role. Also i would be nice if the game had different Swords, Boots, Shields and Tunic's in OoT. Well, they had but not the same idea as OoT.

One last thing are the bosses, i would also make them a little bit more challeging. The Goron Darbius was the biggest challenge for me and the bosses like Argorok was a piece of cake. Zant was the funnest battle. The game was very long overall, i spend 35 hours beating it, but to easy.
One funny thing, even my mother told me this game was easy, and she is overall really bad in games.


Archer Extraordinaire
Aug 31, 2009
Fishing pond
I would add an optional Dungeon with an optional item that you can get such as the lens of truth because i was hoping that was in this game.
Sep 13, 2009
I would add an optional Dungeon with an optional item that you can get such as the lens of truth because i was hoping that was in this game.
The Lens of Truth, huh? The thing about adding something like that into this game, is that Wolf Link's senses kinda took the place of this item. It would be pointless, gameplay-wise, and would actually only feel tacked-on. I'd be willing to bet that you, and many others, would actually complain about its presence.

The other thing about this is that it would make the game even more like OoT. People already complain about its being so similar to that game, why would we want to add another OoT element?

I, personally, thought TP's own items were unique, underused, and didn't need much more to them. The notable exceptions to this would be the Slingshot and Double Clawshot. The Slingshot was just plain useless. The Double Clawshot seemed to me like it was there for lack of a better idea. We could have easily had a second Clawshot made and given to us by another character (such as Barnes or Fyer maybe), and that would have opened up the possibility of a new item in the City in the Sky dungeon.


I always wanted to elaborate on Telma's Bar, and the group of people that met there. This secret society type group were always interesting, yet you only see them when you need to go somewhere. I think the story would have been helped if they had had a bigger role. Once initiating Link, they each set out to do something, instead of only one of them being gone. That way, you'd have to go looking for each individual member with only vague hints as to where they were.


I would change/make,

The everyday enemies stronger.
The bosses harder and widen the range of attacks and tactics needed to destroy him/her.
Make Hyrule more vast and lively.
Add magic.
Make the twilight realms monsters twice as strong as regular ones.
Mmmm I guess that's all I got.


Warrior Postman
Sep 30, 2009
-I'd remove Ooccoo's, or at least change them into a species that has mastered getting out of pots.
-Maybe a little more wolf stuff. Just little things, like more animals to talk to.
-Link would get the horse caller much, much earlier.
-If the enemies were little tougher, that would be pretty great too.

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