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What Would You Call Your Child?

Apr 8, 2012
I actually love the names Ashley or Lindsey for a boy. Not typical male names but I love the ring and I have meet some guys with more female names and it just works. For a girl I like Helena or Skyler.
Dec 21, 2011
i have a few names but im still young and dont plan on kids maybe when im older but

girl: Melina

i only put a girls name because well i have tons of names but i dont want to tell them :P
Feb 7, 2012
For a girl: I would name her Kumatora (Yay Mother 3!), or Seo Yun Lee:The name of my best friend, who was born just hours apart of me.
For a boy: I have been thinking about this, but the names I've thought of, I can't remember.


TwentyThree is Number One
Jul 23, 2011
That depends...
I'd legally change my last name to Wayne. Then have me and my wife killed, only to have our son entrusted to our millionaire friend (really exists). My son's name would be Bruce. Bruce Wayne. Batman.

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