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What/Where Do You Store Your Belongings In?


AKA Patrick
Aug 13, 2013
Right now they're in a bunch of boxes, like they've been since the beginning of summer:facepalm:

Lord Vain

Dawn of a New Day
Nov 29, 2011
Well, I store most of my various games and game related things in and on my computer desk. The games, game guides, and Zelda Soundtracks I have alongside the Hyrule Historia all take up the large alcove on it, inside the one cupboard are tins full of the rare Pokémon cards I collected in my younger years among other things, and then on top I have the large cardboard ? Box I got from Club Nintendo in 2010 and inside of it are all the various Mario figures I've collected.

Next to my bed and up on the wall I have two cases though, on is an older DS Mario case that I have my DSi in, and also my Sonic Screwdriver is placed in the one pouch alongside a larger 3DS stylus that I use with my Wii U gamepad from time to time. The other case s a Poké Ball one for my 3DS XL, in it I have all my Pokémon games, a Pokémon X and Y cleaning cloth, some extra larger 3DS styli, and Action Replay.

Then there's the one backpack I have hanging on the door to my closet, in it I have various weapons such as my machete, my battle axe is leaning up against the computer desk alongside a few other things though, and my grass cutter sword is right next to my bed where I can get to it easily. In the closet itself there's not much, I have my clothes in there and a box containing various things, such as binders full of my old drawings and collectibles that I threw in there so as to not make a mess of the place. Anything that wouldn't go in the box is just lying around it on the same shelf, there's just stuff like a lantern and other 3DS cases that I have.

Oh, and of course my Wii U itself it just stored in the space below the T.V stand I have, however the charger for it and everything is in front of the large ? Box on my computer desk.
Aug 21, 2012
...turn around
I have a dresser with it's drawers full of junk and cosplay stuff
and my desk which is full of art stuff

and my bookshelf which has all my favorite books and my game collection


Finding Love by the Moon
May 28, 2012
Macy, Indiana
My clothes go in my closet. I have a book shelf where a lot of my books and games go. Most of my gaming things go in a red box in our family room.

Blue Canary

Your Friendly Neighborhood S***poster
Feb 11, 2012
Right Behind You
Trash Can
I don't really store my things anywhere. I mostly just look for things in the most logical place they would be. (Video games by the TV, clothes in the laudry room, etc.). This comes mostly from the fact that I hate putting things away.

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