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What to Giveaway?

May 7, 2012
Hi. I just got partnered and i am thinking to do a giveaway for my subscribers. but my problem is i don't know what to giveaway. Can you suggest something that i can giveaway that does not involve shipping? since it's expensive here in my country when shipping stuff to other countries. I do gaming by the way.:) Thanks.
Nov 28, 2011
Wii points (or the microsoft and sony equivalents) would be cool. That way the people can spend them as they choose. I mean, I guess you could just give them some money, but if you want it to be strictly game based...


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Jan 31, 2010
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If you want to avoid shipping costs (and heck I know they can be very high) the best thing is to think about what kinda giveaway contest you wanna do. If it is a graphics contest you can consider to give the winner a paid membership on DA. Or use ebooks or points for wii or itunes cards.


Sep 20, 2008
It really depends on what you do videos on. For instance, if you were doing gaming videos, you might want to give away something to do with what particular game you're playing at that moment. If you were doing Minecraft videos, give away a Minecraft code to one of your audience members. (or a couple if you can stretch that far). If you were doing Zelda videos, give away a copy of a Zelda game or a collectable to do with the series.

As Vanessa said, if you want to avoid high shipping costs, giving away a virtual gift may be preferable. Maybe a custom thing that you made or as I suggested, a code for a game or a game that can be gifted through something like Steam. It's all in the context really. Do what's easy for you but relevant to what you're doing. It'll keep your subscribers interested and happy, and in turn will get you more subscribers. A happy fanbase is the best thing you could ask for!


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Feb 8, 2011

You should give away Arkvoodle as a prize. The winner and even his/her guests will have endless hours of fun as he spouts out random words such as "Tacos!", "Waffles!", and "My Piggy!", and also dances constantly in circles while singing "Doom do do doom do do".

And so much more.

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