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What Other Games Should be Remade for 3DS?

The 3DS is definitely in its twilight years, and the system has been relegated to a port/remake machine by Nintendo.

In yesterday's Nintendo Direct, we saw Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story and Luigi's Mansion announced as new remakes for the 3DS. Both of these titles reuse existing game engines on the 3DS.

Are there any more existing game engines that should be used on the 3DS for another remake or is it time to only give 3DS releases that also come out on Switch like Sushi Striker and Captain Toad?

I, for one, wouldn't mind seeing the rumored Link's Awakening remake come to fruition. The game doesn't need to look too amazing, and the A Link Between Worlds engine can be reused for one last hoorah for the 3DS.

What about you? Any more 3DS remakes or is it time for Nintendo to move on from the 240 p handheld?
Eh.... I dunno.

I'm so surprised to see Luigi's Mansion remake. We don't need it. It perhaps means GC VC is even further outbof the question but maybe it means Luigi's Mansion 3?

(Also in before why isn't it on Switch).

I dunno about remakes on 3DS. Luigi's Mansion remake doesn't look as good on 3DS as it does on the GC. The GC version still looks amazing. I get that the engine for LM2 can just be used straight for it but still... a remake needs to be higher standard above the original for me visually and gameplaywise. I think I'm gonna prefer the C-stick on GC to the LM2 engine gameplay.

As for others... no... none that I can think of.


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Jul 31, 2010
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Let the 3DS die. Stop with the remakes. I mean, it's cool that we're getting Luigi's Mansion and all, but is it really a remake if it looks worse than the Gamecube? I mean, if they're rebuilding the game from the ground up for the system it's technically a remake, but why go through the effort for a downgrade? Why not just release the original on the virtual console for the Switch or at least remake it for the Switch?

The 3DS just looks like a joke at this point. Metroid got a free pass because we haven't gotten one like it in a long time and the fact that it was remaking such a primitive game made the experience feel new, but the 3DS is really starting to look ugly these days. I don't know if they maxed out its capabilities a long time ago already or if they're simply not trying amymore.

If they're going to be dedicated to supporting this thing, they need better titles to keep it going than remakes that cater to the only 5 people who still actively game on their 3DS. A brand new 3D Mario game would create buzz. I don't understand how the 3DS went on this long and Nintendo was content with only one 3D Mario game. Same with Zelda. As great as A Link Between Worlds was, it's hard to consider it a completely original Zelda game, which the 3DS still hasn't really gotten.
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May 5, 2012
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i didn't even want these, its clear nintendo is trying to squeeze as much life out of the 3ds as possible, if they really have nothing left for it, might as well leave the 3ds be and hop everything on the switch [and i'm even one who still advocated 3ds support]


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Apr 10, 2017
I am excited for the best Mario and Luigi game to come on 3rd, but I don't think I will be getting it since I can just play my old DS copy on my 3rd.

Other than that I dont know what to expect for a remake. I imagine they will keep them up for a while though

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