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What new Hisui forms would you like to see?


The Destructive One
Staff member
Apr 4, 2012
Göteborg, Sweden
I'm a bigger fan of new evolutions or pre-evolutions than I am of regional forms, and I'm really happy that the 2 new evolutions we were shown were not only for pokémon from my 2 favorite gens, but also for Pokémon that didn't have any evolutions previously.

As gen 2 is my favorite, and since it has so many Pokémon with no evolutions, I'd like to see some there.
The 2 most obvious ones that needs evolutions are Shuckle and Dunsparce.
I'd also like to see an evolution for Girafarig (and make it look really giraffy, long, long neck!), Qwilfish and Delibird. Perhaps a pre-evolution for Skarmory & another for Miltank and Tauros to tie them together.

Also, just take the Kangaskhan baby and make it into a pre-evolution. You don't even need to do any work designing it, it's already there! And last but not least I think Pinsir should get some sort of pre-evolution

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