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What Makes YOU Replay a Zelda Game?


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Jan 25, 2010
Wow, my first thread in a long, long time...
(I don't know if this has been a thread before, in that case a mod shall close it. Or look at it as a restarted thread, i dunno.)

So as said in the title, why to you replay Zelda games?
Taking it that I have completed every single one (excpet AoL, that one is horrible...)

I replay Zelda games for the reason that they are as good as they are - music, gameplay, story, sidequests.

My MAIN reasons however, is in games like OoT, TP, MC, WW and ST, the music is awesome. I could find myself driving that train for hours :3

The stories. OoT had a fantastic story, and so did TP. (IMO)
I know the stories of these games that well that I can retell them on the top of my head.

Sometimes I play to see how fast I can finish. Other times because I am bored, or going back and doing stuff different.

So basically I replay Zelda for the huge fun-factor. And my reasons ain't all that... different from most peoples opinions.
So do you have any other more "out-of-the-regular" reasons? Tell me tell me tell me.


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Jan 30, 2010
Me? Well, when I first play a game I never complete it 100%. I think it's the feeling of wanting to complete the sidequests completely or maybe find that last bit of heart, or redo things that you did wrong before. Or just for the fun of it really.


Feb 24, 2010
Either a long amount of time has passed, or the game is challenging enough. For example, I started to play through OoT again, but became bored after the Shadow Temple. I noticed that places like the Forest Temple and the Water Temple weren't as fun because I already knew how to get through them, so I had no challenge in the puzzle department, and because the enemies simply weren't fun to battle. I immensely enjoyed Morpha though, as he's quite challenging if you do the entire fight on the plaforms in the center of the room. I also had fun doing the Shadow Temple again, simply because the enemies were difficult and it was sometimes hard to stay alive.

ALttP, on the other hand, was hard to get through. Even though I knew how to get through each temple the enemies and bosses were hard enough to keep my interest.

I've never really seen the point for completing a game 100%. I don't mind finding heart pieces so I may go back and get those, but I don't find it enjoyable to hunt for the forty poe souls or the 100 golden skulltula tokens. If it isn't fun, I'm not going to do it for the sole reason of saying I finished a game 100%.


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Jan 25, 2010
The Mansion!
I haven't finished yet all of the zelda games, I finished OoT, TP, ALttP, MC, WW, more than a half OoA (im stuck in it) and im in the middle of MM, Im pretty sure that in the feature I will replay these games because they're awesome but for now, before even thinking about replaying, i want to think about finishing more games, there are so many great games and i wouldn't finish all of them if i will replay games that i already played. few years from now, when I would like to remember in the wonderful time that i had, i will play them agin


My reason for replaying Zelda games is of course because I think they're really fun games, but when I, today actually, completed Twilight Princess for the second time, it was largely due to how much I love the music and the scenery. The romantic medieval scenery that is Hyrule is one of the main features of the Zelda games that engrosses me the most. That is also the reason why I like the OoT and TW universes better than the cartoonish worlds in WW, PH and ST. I do think those are great games too though, and I've replayed Wind Waker more than once, but more because of the story and the awesome dungeons and side-quests.

Nye Pendragon

Feb 16, 2010
Uuuusually, when I complete a game, I never finish it 100% the first time.

After I beat it the first time and know how to defeat the dungeons and such is when I kick it into high gear and go crazy looking for Pieces of Heart or whatever sidequest happens to be in that game. I've replayed TWW so many times just to get all of the side things... and it's time consuming. cx I didn't bother to do this in TP, though. I got all the sidequests done (exept for the Poe Souls -flails-) in the first run. 8D

I like having a completed file to show off. -brick'd-
ANDDD, I like replaying games just for the sheer fun of it.
I adore Zelda games and I don't think I can be complete without finishing them all at least ten times. |D
Dec 14, 2008
Louisiana, USA
Just time really. I'm not the kind of person that finishes a game, and then one day later thinks "Man, I've gotta go through that again and get 100%". I usually hang it up for a while and let it sink in how much I liked or disliked it. If I disliked it, chances are it'll sit on the shelf for the rest of eternity, unless I just have the desire to try it again and appreciate it more (Sonic and Black Knight for instance, which was strangely much better the second time through). If I liked it, I'll usually hang it up for a while, with the intention of playing through it again someday. Sure enough, about a month later, I feel like powering it up. Perfect examples are Final Fantasy XIII and Batman: Arkham Asylum.

But that's kind of generic really. For Zelda, it's usually always the later. But for some reason, I've only played through ST once, and have had no desire to go back. Really don't know why either.
Feb 23, 2010
I replay a Zelda game when I played it as a kid, and didn't take it in enough to really remember it. Or in the case of PH and ST, it's because I didn't enjoy it enough the first time, and I'm forcing myself to enjoy it more on my second try.


It's called not having a life. And it's fun. If that's not enough of a reason, then I don't kow what is.

February Eve

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Mar 21, 2010
I try to wait until I've 'forgotten' the game, so to speak. So far I've played them all so recently this hasn't completely happened yet, but some are involved enough (MM, I'm looking at you) that it's impossible that I'd remember everything anyway.

The first time I replayed OoT it was because I'd had so much trouble the first time that I wanted to immerse myself in the world without having to worry about stupid things like, "What do you mean press the 'C' button? I have no 'C' button!" (I had troubles with really basic stuff, but in fairness to the game it helps to read the manual, heh.)

I also broke my own rule with TP and replayed it a couple times in quick succession. I enjoyed some of the scenes/scenery so much that I wanted to see them again, and watching youtube just wasn't the same as reaching that poitn in the game myself.


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Apr 30, 2010
Hyrule Castle
Basicly if i feel like it, if i get so involved in the game i want to play it, the after that i'll get sick of the game eventually, but there still my favorite.

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Aug 19, 2009
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The things that make me want to replay a Zelda game the most is either a long time passing (I once went like five months without playing OoT and then I decided to replay it), seeing somebody else play it (I decided to replay WW 100% after seeing chuggaconroy and NintendoCapriSun LP it), or simply waiting a long time for it and finally having it (I played ST like twenty times once I got it for Christmas).

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