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What makes you happy?


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Oct 18, 2016
just your imagination
My girlfriend, playing music, my family, video games, and settling down after a long long day.

To a lesser extent, Science, the Moon, warm weather, Pasta, Fish, backrubs, puzzles, holo of the day, and creating things.

Pets make me happy, but I would never want to own one.
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My wonderful girlfriend, cats, nature, theoretical physics, the paranormals, good food, accomplishing something difficult in video games, sleeping, music, rain which ig counts as nature lol, remembering fond memories, gaming with my siblings, making new friends,winning meaningless internet trophies, making people laugh.


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Jan 14, 2018
Ordon village.
My Girlfriend makes me happy :)

And music too from my cassette tape player

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Beautiful scenery makes me happy as well. I love pretty sky scenes. Breath of the Wild has no shortage of that and I always enjoy looking at it while I play. I also love fall scenes. I follow some blogs that post fall scenery and it really puts me at ease. Fall is my favorite time of year and I wish I could experience it all the time. I absolutely love fall foliage.

Music makes me happy, too. My favorite kind of music right now is orchestra mixed with rock and electronic, so Hiroyuki Sawano and Yuki Hayashi are my favorite artists right now. That kind of music is so enjoyable and it fuels my imagination and creativity and pumps me up.

Video games make me happy. I enjoy playing them and getting lost in their worlds. It's not hard to understand why. I feel the same about anime, or at least certain ones. Anime and video games are also big sources of inspiration for me.

Cute things make me happy. Cats are adorable and I wish I could afford one of my own. I follow CatsofInstagram and I get to see adorable cats every day on my feed. Cute things also include cute pairings, such as IzuOcha from BnHA. I'm a big sucker for positive and supportive pairings built on strong friendships like them.

My close friends make me happy, as well, especially my closest friend. My friends include many of you guys here, as well. I enjoy talking with a lot of you here. Fun conversations with people I like has always been a source of happiness for me.
Mar 13, 2018
Louisiana USA
Fall is my favorite time of year
I've always loved fall. Driving down a road with trees changing colors on both sides is a fantastic feeling!
Music makes me happy
I enjoy music, but I've got a thing for sad songs. Not real sure why, and not real sure you could say sad songs make you happy. Maybe they can?..
Video games make me happy.
A good open world video game that you can get fully emerged and lost in is honestly my favorite lol
My close friends make me happy
There's only a handful of people in my life that I know, no matter what, will always have my back. And i think that makes me happiest of all!


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Spending time with my friends makes me the most happy. Be it playing video games, watching movies, drinking, karaoke, or whatever else.

I also love nice, sunny spring weather a lot. When the sun is out I am much happier than a rainy day, I generally feel down and depressed whenever it rains so it is good to not have that cloud over me.


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Feb 23, 2014
Lately basically nothing.


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