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What made you sad today?

Oct 30, 2018
I went to pick up Daisy from the vet and she is too ill to come home. The drugs arent leaving her system fast enough so there is a good chance she may not make it through ths night. Poor thing couldnt stand up when i saw her. I hope she'll be okay. She should be better by now but she has only been getting worse.
I'll be praying for her, bless your heart.


Composer of the Night.
Jan 22, 2016
United States of America
Very much a dude.
Because I was helping out my parents and hanging out with them for a bit, I completely overlooked assignments I hadn't done yet and were due tomorrow, and as a consequence, my fiancee and I couldn't go to the gym.

I also didn't get to play any games today, but got a little guitar in, so overall, kinda bummed.

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