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What made you sad today?

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This is probably pretty stupid to be sad about. I started looking at laptops that are on sale and there is one that is on sale for a really good price, and its a really high end one too, but even on sale I still can't feasibly buy it right now. I didn't plan ahead for black friday or cyber monday this year, so its really my own fault for not saving up. If the discount was still available in a week from now I could buy it with no issue...

Worst part is I actually do need this, my current laptop has always sucked.

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I was looking for an umbrella and I found a really cool Zelda one where the handle was the master sword. I would love to get it, but it's way too small, only a 36 inch diameter. It even looked tiny on the model. I need at least a 50 inch. I'm having very poor luck finding any I like in the size I need...


Apr 16, 2021
work is giving away dying plants that didnt sell, so i took home a really pretty Bromeliad, but my cat dragged it off the table and snapped the main stem with the flower on it. (within the 2 minutes i had let her be in my room.) i guess i''ll just let her eat it at this point, but damn i was kinda looking forward to seeing it develop..


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Sep 29, 2020
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Not really serious enough for this thread, but I found out today when trying to share it with a friend that one of my favorite ytp channels is gone, happened just a couple days ago. 2nd time in the past couple weeks that a meme channel I loved has been nuked, feelsbadman. :pensive:


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Well I was researching about red pandas because I need to write an informative report draft for english and decided to go with something related to animals like I always do, but while I was looking at facts and stuff, I got distracted by the site I was on (as usual) which was a site helping keep red pandas safe and from getting even more endangered. But I started looking at other animals that were endangered and then I just found out about vaquitas and now I'm sad and angry at the same time, because the mexican government won't take the necessary measures to protect them and now they're almost extinct. Less than 9 left...it's not looking good

and I'm so frustrated because I feel passionate about issues like this but I can't help in any really meaningful way...I don't have the power to make the illegal fishing stop and keep them from getting killed in the nets...

I guess I know where this passion I'm feeling is going to go...I know what kind of drawings I'm going to make in the future...raise awareness...


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I had an idea for a drawing, I've been working on it the past 3 days. The lineart came out really, really cool. I had an image in my head of it finished in water colors and decided to go with that. Yeah... it didn't turn out so good. I tried for hours to salvage it with colored pencils but it was a no-go. It was just really frustrating to work so hard on something and all you get from it is a mess.

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