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What made you sad today?

Everytime I texted my dad this month asking him if my plants are okay and he said yes, he apparently never checked on nor watered the plants in the living room. My poinsettia, a plant that would have turned ten years old this december, is in really bad shape. All of its foliage died. Worst part is I can't stay right now, but there's nothing I can really do anyway. Gave it a big watering, since the stems still seem alive in some capacity but I really don't think I'm going to have a poinsettia for much longer.

I am... upset.
Was excited to go visit the pond in my neighborhood now that I'm back home and I am so... let down. They cut back all the grass and plants. No milkweed, no snakeroot, no asters... how can my city claim to love nature when they take away wild plants that serve as food and shelter for wildlife? Probably gonna go to the park to find some stuff to photograph instead cuz this just sucks.

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This amazing Jewish deli/seafood/bakery place I've been going to for months just closed its doors on Monday without warning. I had no idea until today. I'm so upset, it was my favorite place to go for a quick bite and the food was divine. There doesn't seem to be any word from the owners yet. I don't think this was planned.

Man. I was so excited to go straight there after work on Halloween and get their pumpkin crab soup. I didn't get to try it yet. :( I'll just have to make my own...


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My dad and brother are really into wwii warplanes, and I certainly share that interest to an extent, and my brother just said that a B-17, one of the most iconic American bombers from the war, was hit by another plane in a freak accident at an airshow in Dallas today. The plane is ruined, everyone on board died. There's already a super limited number of them left, so it's pretty devastating. Not to mention that I've seen this plane in person before...


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After being sick the last few days I was thankfully well enough to go to the funeral of a family friend who was particularly close with my brother and the younger sister of one of my best friends from school.

There were so many of her family, friends, colleagues, and many teachers from our high school there to pay respects and grieve. My brother gave a speech at the funeral service which he managed to deliver pretty well but was pretty distraught for most of the rest of the service. It’s nice that a community can come together to support each other in a time like this but it’s also incredibly sad that despite all of this love and care people had for her she either didn’t realize it or it wasn’t enough to help her through her trauma. I hope she’s at peace now and that those left behind are all able to come to terms with what has happened with time.

While we were there at the cemetery a bunch of us also visited the grave of a classmate we buried there at a service five years ago after he died from cystic fibrosis. It’s so sad that life can really deal some with incredibly difficult circumstances that take them away far too young. A pretty emotional day but I am lucky to have a good support network around me.

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