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What Made You Happy Today?


Keep it strong
Mar 17, 2012
Liverpool, England
Playing a game of Overwatch and my team has the payload right near the end, but we just can't break the enemy and get it the last five metres. I started getting frustrated that we weren't making progress. But what can I do as Mercy?


I put my healing staff away, pull out my pistol, and kill Roadhog during his ult. The enemy Mercy comes to resurrect him and I beat her to death before she can. I then turn to the Bastion raining fire on us from a ledge and kill him just as he activates his ult. It bought us enough time to move the payload the last of the distance and win the game.

I'm really very pleased with myself right now :rosa:

Always remember to thank your healer.


magical internet cat....
ZD Legend
Jun 22, 2016
So it's payday for my guys and when they get paid they usually go out and buy themselves something as a group.

I'd often join them when I had an income.

Today, without mentioning anything or asking for anything my guys bought me a Switch game which was so lovely of them.

Which game??


Jan 19, 2018
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seeing my friends

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