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What Made You Happy Today?


The Resting Sun
Sep 9, 2019
Tonight was the first occurrence of what I've dubbed the "Kilza hat trick" this NHL season (Bolts win, Oilers win, Flames lose - basically, my two favorite teams winning and my most hated team losing in the same night), so that's pretty rad.
I was doing a test playthrough of Hollow Knight tonight for gauging completion times; was my fourth playthrough. Anyway, I still have like a bad attention span and didn't stay on task, which was why it was a test run to see how long an organic, slightly-rushed playthrough would take... My sister and her boyfriend were downstairs watching and oh my god. When I was fighting Traitor Lord, my sister was explaining mantis lore to her boyfriend. I was dying. Anyway, that made me happy tonight.
I've been able to start my first day alone exactly how I wanted to.

I've tidied the place, began catching up with washing, managed to buy some notepads and start hammering down what has been in my head for far too long.

And its only 2:10pm.

Ive also collected together ten books that I'm going to read after too long of not reading anything at all.

So I'm feeling good about myself at the moment.

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