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What Made You Happy Today?


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Jan 22, 2016
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Despite my panic attack I had today, I really find dogs to be incredibly calming and heartwarming. Doesn't matter, it could be a video of adorable puppies playing, it could be seeing a dog excel in agility sports, how to train specific breeds of dog, or seeing a dog that's had a rough life be rehabilitated and finding a loving home.

I think it might be due to the fact that I find dogs to embody the things I value most: honesty, trust, and love. A dog cannot lie about their intentions, a dog is a literal embodiment of trust, and no love is as unconditional as the love from a dog.

I love all dogs I've found. :)

Now, I find cats to be incredibly calming too, but not as calming as dogs. So sorry cat lovers, I have less anxiety overall around dogs.


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I was getting up on my bunk bed to take a nap (still trying to but I might just lay here and listen to my peaceful music, which sounds just as good imo) and I see Gizmo and Mini-me up there. Gizmo always sleeps with me, he's always been there to snuggle up beside me even when he was a kitten. Mini-me's his sister, but she's the exact opposite from him. She's remained shy and timid ever since we adopted her. So I expecting her to jump off all scared because she saw me, but instead she just sat there. Though she did look a bit tense, she didn't move.

I slowly, carefully climbed onto the bottom edge of the bed and sat there, being quiet and still. My back was really hurting so that's why I wanted to lie down, but I stopped and didn't move anymore. Even with myself feeling so bad I didn't want to scare her.

So I sat there, for about 5 mins, not moving, and then I slowly reached my hand out to let her sniff it. And she hesitated at first, but then she gently sniffed my finger. So then, very slowly, made my hand go to her a back and stroked it. I feel bad that she doesn't get pets as much because of her shyness, and I could tell she wasn't used to it as much as the other cats were. Her back arched as I stroked and scratched it, and that's when I was so happy I could show my love to her too. So we did that pattern a few times, letting her sniff my hand, as if to give permission to stroke her again, and then I did. Eventually she even pressed her cheek against my hand when she went to sniff it. And I was so happy.

And now it had been awhile, but I still didn't move. Instead, I stopped and just sat there again, trying to let her know I wasn't just trying to pet her, but I really just wanted us to vibe together without her feeling afraid. So then after awhile, I petted her again, and it made me so happy.

And then while I was trying to figure out a way to scoot closer and get in the covers, she suddenly perked up, and lightly jumped off the bed. It didn't seem out of fear, she just wanted to leave the room. I think she wanted to go eat because when I went out of the bedroom (partially to get my waterbottle and partly to open the door for her) she went to the kitchen. But now I was able to get in bed without scaring anybody, and potentially becoming closer with Mini-me. Just because I decided to be patient instead of crawling straight into bed like my first plan was.


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Jan 31, 2010
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Today I got a christmas card from a very nice lady. It isn't the present she gave me along wirh the card but the words she wrote in the card that made my day. Some people really appreciate all your hard work and because of them my job has a purpose other than delivering bills or spam letters :ham:

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