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What Made You Happy Today?


Apr 16, 2021
Went to an anime/gaming convention today... lots of really cool cosplays, and a few furries too, 2 wolves, a bird and a rat. I entered a smash tourney and by sheer randomness I matched up with the only guy there I knew, who happened to be one of the best in my entire school, so I knew i was done for before it even began lol. He did 3 stock me ofc but a handful of people were cheering for me cus I was playing duck hunt so that was cool. (From what I've seen people either get excited when they see a duck hunt cus he's so uncommon, or are disgusted because he is duck hunt.) Super cool tourney tho, some people were playing beat Saber right next to us so every now and then people were singing and dancing along with the songs. One cloud main even showed up in a full on cloud costume, complete with a life-sized buster sword


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Jan 22, 2016
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Wife and I hit up the local farmer's market again, and I bought the best honey ever in ID. Made by Macy's Apples & Hives, they make some of the best wildflower honey in the state.

Idaho is truly blessed to have different selections of wildflower raw honey.

Anyhow, I want to see how it would do as mead, because over toast with butter, it was delicious, and I tried it in tea and it was great.

So now, to buy a minimum of 5 lbs of the stuff. 3 lbs of it for making mead, 1 to eat and enjoy, plus a spare.


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I was on my laptop today checking my application for home depot, since I submitted it over 3 weeks ago. I was poking around indeed when I discovered that a cabinet shop, IN MY CITY, posted a job opening today. One year experience preferred. I submitted an application and made sure to update my resume and cover letter to include my carpentry award and reccomendation letter from my shop instructor. I'm seriously praying this works out because it'd be such a great opportunity for me.

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Jun 23, 2020
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hope it was a good birthday!
It was more than just good it was absolutely tremendous: Netflix released a show with one of my favorite comedic actors, and I got some major R&R done, I swear I freaking love summer, I am usually at my most chill in the summertime.

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