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What Made You Happy Today?


Mr. SidleInYourDMs
ZD Champion
May 5, 2012
American Wasteland
this wasn't today and was actually quite some time ago, but I want to write it down anyway

My parents have been divorced for around a decade now and are generally not in the best terms, but some time ago I was in my dad's car by my place and my mom was walking around or something, I'm not sure, but my mom started talking to my dad about who knows what, and I guess we had to go to food 4 less to get stuff, so we all went to food 4 less while they continued their conversation about whatever, I was just basically there

and it just felt really nice, walking around food 4 less w/ my parents and them occasionally asking me what I wanted, I don't get opportunities to be w/ both my parents at the same time since you know, they can't stand each other, but that moment did mean a lot to me, especially seeing as how they're getting older and I'm not sure if an opportunity for me to be w/ both of them at the same time will even happen again, but that moment at least felt like a nice throwback to when I was younger, even though nowadays I'm a bit taller than both of them, ha

Princess Niki

Staff member
Aug 27, 2011
Thanks to Half Price Books I finally found Zoo Tycoon the Complete Collection. Been searching for that game for years since it went missing, now I just have to wait for it to arrive from Texas.


The one and only.
Forum Volunteer
Sep 29, 2020
The Lone Star State
Manufacturer recommended settings
Had a difficult time trying to find a Switch, had to check several different stores, but I did a lot of driving so that was nice. Finally found one on eBay that was a pretty solid bargain, it'll get here in about a week.

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