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What Made You Happy Today?


The Resting Sun
Sep 9, 2019
I'm extremely thrilled at the Tampa Bay Lightning winning the Stanley Cup! I've been a hockey fan for 14 years and a fan of the Bolts for 9 years. Despite all the pain, despite all the ups and downs, it's been worth it to finally see the Bolts win. This run has been so stressful, but so, so fun as well, and it's been amazing to see them pull it off in the end.

Hockey is actually really good. Nobody can take this away from me. <3
This is real and I love it.


Staff member
I signed up to take an evening Japanese class once a week here in Sydney. Today I had an interview with an instructor to determine which level I should enter and after speaking with her in Japanese for around an hour she suggested me to enter an advanced level class. The topics for the upcoming term will be analysing videos and articles online in relation to Japanese food culture's relationship to the United Nations' sustainable development goals, the challenges that Japan's education system is facing moving to online mode in the wake of the coronavirus, and popular current media in Japan. It seems like it'll be a challenge but I am looking forward to it and meeting some new people nonetheless.

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