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What Made You Happy Today?

Jul 20, 2020
Did you know in BOTW, If you hit a blue chu or if you have blue chu jelly, place it on the ground and hit it with an elemental weapon, it then becomes that type of chu jelly! Cool!


❤️ love yourself ❤️
Sat down and played Go Vacation with my sister for a couple hours. We used to do that all time together, but for a while now we haven’t really played it all that much. Whenever we play it, instead of going around, completing activities and decorating our houses like normal, we make up little stories and play them in the game. (Guess it’s the writer in both of us) it usually ends in a car chase around the mountain resort haha. It really boosted my mood.

I also finally got my stories transported to our new computer. Now I can get back at writing Taka’s Tale and my Novel! Very happy about that.


The Resting Sun
Sep 9, 2019
I'm super, super happy that the Bolts won in double OT to knock off the Bruins and advance to the ECF. It feels so, so, so good that they've managed to do this well after what happened last season.

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