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What Is Your Signature Pokemon?



My signature Pokemon is Infernape cause it was the first fully evolved Pokemon I had and chimchar was the first starter I got cause I was introduced to Pokemon by Pokemon pearl on ds. Sadly I lost my Pokemon pearl when I had just gotten Infernape to lv 100 and I had about 490 other Pokemon :(


Chimchar and its evolutions. I usually pick fire types for my starters.
Sep 21, 2011
No matter what i use, I always use at least one of the Eeveelutions. Depending on what starter I got, I evolve it differently. For example, in SoulSilver, I picked Cydaquil, so I evolve into a Vaporeon.


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Mar 16, 2012
Foeba, my town in Animal Crossing
My signature Pokemon is Swampert, Oceana, my first pokemon ever. I would be absolutely crushed if my game went corrupted on the one shes on now (yes, it was a girl mudkip). It has a Queit nature & a Hydro pump you do not want to mess with...man i love her!!!


Jul 17, 2011
District Four; Panem
Playing competitively I ALWAYS use my signature team of eevee, vaporeon, jolteon, flareon, espeon, and umbreon, but when I just play for fun I always fing myself using a buterfree on my team.... And I always buy that magi arp for 500


Dec 12, 2009
New York
I have quite a few and sadly I will only reveal one due to competitive battling reasons, one of mine is Charizard.

Johnny Sooshi

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Nov 1, 2011
a Taco Bell dumpster
Man that's a tough question. I'm really unsure on this one. I've got probably 3.

Snorlax - My prize possession and game changer. Always made it a main when I could.

Blaziken - I know it's 3rd gen but it really made my team super awesome

Scizzor - Loved Scyther and Scizzor was way awesome.


pokemon master of hyrule
Dec 22, 2011
westville, new jersey
my three signature pokemon are my vaporeon i nicknamed "morpha" after the oot boss. water absorb ability. he knows
shadow ball, waterfall, ice beam, and dig.
my politoad i nicknamed "gekko" like the guy from mm. water absorb ability. he knows rain dance, ice ball, surf, and toxic.
and my poliwrath i nicknamed "wrath" after the character from fma. water absorb ability. he knows surf, earthquake, rock slide, and brick break.
i love these guys they've been with me since ruby, then diamond, then hg, now black. i like using surf a lot to heal themselves. i usually use them plus a hydreigon with levitate abality, that knows surf, flamethrower, outrage, and dark pulse. a darkrai with bad dreams ability that knows dak void, draem eater, shadow ball, and thunder. and a mew with syncronize. it knows energy ball, aura sphere, psychic, and transform.

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