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Smash Bros What is your preferred controller for Smash Bros.?

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Dec 26, 2017
I use a Pro Controller and change the controls up to play it like a SNES platformer.

Y - Regular Attack
X - Throw
B - Jump
A - Special
R - Guard/Roll

I disable the Tap Up to Jump thing, the right control stick is used for 'Tilt' attacks and I put the stick sensitivity to Low.

I wonder how many pro-Smash players would have their eyes bleed from reading this.
Actually, This is REALLY close to my pro setup as well
The only thing that is different is that I have shield on the X and grab on R(and stick sensitivity on normal) but generally this feels WAY better than the normal controls

I changed GC around too. I don't like using pressure sensitive shoulder buttons for things that aren't pressure sensitive if I don't have to, especially not in a high action game as this
A- Jump
Y- Attack
X- Shield
B- special
Z- grab

I just noticed that I have the buttons on the same ones as the pro, the layout is just different, so that was a waste of time typing that out.

Jumping is the thing you do most in the game, so that should be on the main button I feel, with easy access to both attack and special. I also disable tap jump, A+B smash and rumble. I put tilt on the C-stick and Jump on L on both schemes, but honestly I never use both much. I know the C-stick is super handy probably but as a vet from smash 64 I just never learned to use it.

The downside is that I can never go back to melee anymore, but Ultimate is my favorite so its not that big of a deal.


Dec 2, 2020
Switch Pro Controller

Setup 1:

A - Attack
B - Special
X and Y - Jump
Tap Jump - Off
Z Buttons - Shield
L and R - Grab

Setup 2:

A - Jump
B - Attack
Y - Special
X - Shield
Tap Jump - Off
Z Buttons, L and R - Shield

(I use setup 2 for special custom stages and self-made challenges)


not actually Canadian
Feb 19, 2020
I don’t have the GC controller, so I mostly use Pro. Still need to fix the drift in my Pro controller. Joycons are actually pretty good for this game to me because of the closeness of the buttons.
As for controls, I simply changed ZL to jump and the right stick to do tilt attacks.

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