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What is Your Favorite Seafood?

Oct 26, 2013
House in space
What is your favorite seafood?
There are many types of sea food out there, and if you don't like any tell me why. My favorite seafood is the ever-expensive sushi. Tell me yours!


Quid est veritas, Claudia
Feb 9, 2010
Sushi!! But specifically only negiri. It's the kind that's just rice and raw fish. No other crap that I hate, like crab or avocado. And my favorite is salmon. Which is called Sake, but it's not alcoholic :P It's SO GOOD


The Cassandra
Site Staff
Nov 29, 2008
I actually hate almost all seafood. I can't stand any kind of fish. I think it's disgusting. I'll eat normal shrimp maybe. I like popcorn shrimp. I'll eat lobster once in a great while. I absolutely love crab. I can't get enough of it. There is this restaurant that serves all you can eat crab legs on Fridays and Saturdays my family goes to sometimes. And.... I can eat them non-stop. I usually have to be convinced to leave. I never get full with those. I'll just eat and eat and eat. Unlike any other food where I'd get full. So I guess I'm weird like that. Despise most seafood, but crab legs are probably my favorite of any food at all.
Feb 23, 2011
Probably shrimp. Yeah. I'm not the biggest fan of anything else, really; well, aside from some river fish—I guess that counts as seafood, though. I tried calamari once, but it only the microwaveable kind, so I'm a bit unsure if it's..I dunno...authentic?


Sage of Tales
I'm mad for crab.

Snow crab legs and king crab legs especially. People who know me know to give me a wide-berth with the way I'll break and snap them and suck the meat out of the shells. And, yes, I'm a longtime fan of Deadliest Catch because they're out there catching my favorite food...


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Dec 17, 2012
I'm a fan of a well-prepared fish, though I enjoy most seafood including shellfish, calamari, and octopus.

Gambas al Ajillo might be my favorite - minimalist recipe, easy to prepare, delicious.


Angel of Darkness
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Jan 31, 2010
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Angel of Darkness
None. I love fish ...swimming in the waters. Because of the way they are killed I refuse to eat lobsters. I hate shrimps. I had squid last year but it tasted like rubber to me. I thouht it was giant spaghetti but then I ate it and YUCK. Sushi is too dry and tasteless. So yeah I'm the perfect consumer of seafood. I eat nothing :lol:
Aug 21, 2012
...turn around
I like trying new types of fish (I prefer grilled!)
So far I've had: Haddock, Cod, Tilapia, Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Swordfish, Flounder, Catfish

But Flounder is my favorite :)

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