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What is Your Fav Island??


The Pancake Pokemon
Feb 22, 2011
Castle Town Pancakes
I have my favorites, especially when it comes to the Wind Waker. I think they would have to be Outset Island, Windfall Island, and Dragon Roost Island.

Outset Island; It's the birthplace of the Hero of Winds for Din's Sake! Also, I love the atmosphere and the tropical-ish theme that it has. All the villagers are so nice, and I love the two little boys. I could imagine living on Outset, taking Link's place. The Lookout Tower is one of my favorite parts of the game, it has an amazing view of the island. And most of all...LINK THE FRICKIN PIG FTW!

Windfall; Ah. I love the music of Windfall, and all the people. There is a bunch of fun stuff to do on the island, and all the sidequests ans stuff. I like finding the girl who's robbing the shop. And the Chu Jelly Guy! I love him! Windfall has that nice area that gives you the mood of the game that you're playing, much like Hyrule Field gives me (and maybe you, too) the mood of Ocarina of Time.

Dragon Roost; All I have to say. I love the Rito, such an interesting race. I would love to be one of them. Let me get this out right now, the Dragon Roost Island Theme is amazing. I love it with all my heart. It's one of the more unique pieces of the series (not that Zelda Music isn't unique!) and it deserves the thumbs up.


Luigi Fan
Apr 20, 2010
Hyrule Castle
Windfall Island. I like it because you stop the thief girl and you meet the boat. Dragon Roost Island is my other fav island. It ha an awsome music.:). And my last one is Outset Island. I think that island feels like home:)


"Dandori Issue"
Apr 2, 2011
Lake Hylia
The Forsaken Fortress... I love the haphazard design and the feeling of foreboding... I absolutely love castles and secluded places.

The Legend

Wind Fall since it has very nice background music and it has so much stuff to do in it.


I'd have to go with, Forsaken Fortress & Dragon Roost too, they both had a great dungeon experience with great music!


Apr 21, 2011
1. Dragon Roost Island, big with epic music. I also love the Rito Tribe.
2. Outset Island
3. Windfall Island, a island with shops that you could explore.
Apr 15, 2011
I love Windfall Isle but i also love Outset Island.hrrrmmm. I guess most of the Islands in Windwaker because the mmusic was always best in WW.


Skyward Sword Anticipator
Apr 27, 2011
For me, it's a tie between Windfall and Dragonroost. Dragonroost because it has awesome music, the Rito, and it's so much fun to explore.

Now, I really like Windfall because of the wall and the pigs. Before, I used to decorate the wall with sickle moon flags, and then pick up the pig that farts when you hold it, and call him "General Piggy." Then, I went around exploring the island with General Piggy, and treated it like a naval base and defended it from the Big Octos in Salvatore's game. All in all, if you use your imagination, Windfall can be a fun place.
Dec 9, 2009
Dragon Roost Island. That music was so awesome when I first heard it. It really sounded like a theme befitting an adventure accross the ocean. I liked the whole bird tribe as well as the dungeon on the island. And the dragon on top of it was awesome!


Not the marshmallow
Sep 2, 2010
Windfall Island
I agree with anyone who said Windfall cuz it has the best music and you can explore and do lots of things there. Link's Oasis is my second because of the exploration. Maybe it would be my first place favorite if there wasnt a huge picture of the boogie kid on the wall


Scrubbiest of scrubs
May 5, 2011
Deku Palace
When i first beat WW, i was relatively young. When i got to bomb island, for whatever reason, I claimed it as my own. I would only save and quit from that one island, and i spent most of my time on it. Yeah.....

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