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What is Your Dream.

Feb 5, 2011
My dreams:
Make a GOOD Zelda cartoon, as well as give video games the same animated treatment as comic books get
Make comic books based on my own characters
Work with Nintendo
Either bring Spectacular Spider-Man back for a third season or get a good Spider-Man cartoon on the television
A Godzilla American reboot that doesn't suck like the 1998 film
A 2D Transformers cartoon that is a reconstruction of the franchise
Bring Inhumanoids back to the world with a new series
Marry the girl I've secretly loved for years... or marry Laura Vandervoort... or marry Alyson Michalka... Whichever
Ensure Jesse Ventura will be ignored and forgotten
Sep 4, 2011
To bring any girl to my house and to my bed that I feel like...... Cant say it at this site, lol. Work for Nintendo and make my video game. To be a hero for the secret town out there with a guy killing everyone and slaughter him for the devil to ( Intermission, sorry but I don't think I can use that here. Lol.) :xd:


luke is my wife
Apr 9, 2010
I already have my dream life planned out. First, I will score a perfect 2400 on my SAT. Next, I will take special Calculus 3 Multivariable A in my senior year. Finally, I will graduate with over 200 credits thanks to a surplus from all the AP courses I'll be taking. (In my area, you need 140 credits to graduate; you can get a maximum of 160 without taking any AP or IB courses.)

Once I'm out of high school, I plan to go to the most prestigious college available in the field of my choice, which will most likely be Biology, or some form of it. I'm looking into Harvard, but it's rather expensive and I'd need a good portion of it (or all of it) to be covered by a scholarship. Believe it or not, Harvard is #2 in America in Biology, and #1 in some of the individual Bio fields I was looking into.

After I graduate college, I will become a biologist renowned in the world of science. All computer nerds and science geeks will worship me. I will have discovered practical and cost-efficient cures for cancer, AIDS, Alzheimer's disease, etc., etc. May as well throw in Down syndrome, too. Once I am successful and rich, I will tour every Major League ballpark in America. Once that fieldtrip is over, I will go on a trip around the world, making stops at places including:

The Caribbean Islands
and perhaps the North Pole if I'm feeling daring.

I'll also come up with a drug that will make me live forever and never age, never get arthritis and never get wrinkles. And I'll live happily forever after yay.

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