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What is the Hardest Game You Have Played or Beat?


I don't suffer from it ..
Jun 17, 2010
Ghosts & Goblins. It's hard enough to get through all the levels a first time, but just when you think you've beaten it ... you have to go through them again.

Yeah that was a nightmare.
May 17, 2010
Middle of Nowhere, PA
I would like to say an older game but i cannot for i have found call of duty black ops on veteran difficulty a royal pain in the butt. no matter how many enemies you kill they just infinitely spawn, and they kill you in like 3 gun shots, its completely unfair when you're trying to make it to the exit of the level but millions of them come out of the corner one at a time. play the 3rd level and you'll see what i mean. and i never got past the 4th level either, just giving you a heads up.


The King
Aug 18, 2009
Super Mario Bros: The Lost Levels. I've only beaten the SNES version, the one included in Super Mario All-Stars, and it's easier than the NES version, but I still had a lot of trouble going through it. But with patience and perseverance, I managed to do everything.

The second quest in LOZ was quite hard too, and of course, AOL.


Angry Megaman Fan
Jan 24, 2011
Behind you
Umm only one? xD I recall a few
Hardest ones I have beaten are:
Ninja Gaiden (the three of 'em) on NES, no explanation needed
Ghosts n' Goblins also on NES. It's a fun game but VERY frustrating, specially when you have to do it all over again u.u
Megaman X6 on PSone. Difficulty is exagerated sometimes.....
Castlevania III on NES, the final levels are really demanding and you die in four hits... oh and the final boss has three forms with their own lifebar

Punch-Out!! can also be pretty hard sometimes xD


Ballos's Minion
Dec 6, 2010
Mimiga Village
I Wanna Be The Guy, absolutely no question whatsoever. Majora's Mask, Castlevania, AoL, Mega Man... Those games are a complete cakewalk compared to the RAEG that the freeware PC game IWBTG induces. Basic summary of the game: You are the Kid. You want to be The Guy. To do this, you must kill The Guy. But first, you must go through an enormous dungeon, killing various bosses from an assortment of games and avoiding completely unpredictable obstacles. No exaggeration: Everything in the game wants to kill you. And no matter what hits you, you have exactly 1 HP. Meaning you die after any hit whatsoever. And the game is merciless.

Example #1: After killing one of the bosses, you must jump out of the sky and land in the water below. After avoiding a few obstacles here, you approach what looks like a giant wall. When you near it, the moon falls out of the sky and attempts to land on you. If you successfully avoid it, it begins to chase after you.

Example #2: You fall into the middle of a giant Tetris board and must climb your way out to the top right. If you take too long... Well, I won't spoil the absolutely hilarious and ironic moment, but let's just say if you take too long, you will be annihilated.

Example #3: In the Metroid area, if you enter the next room from the wrong location, a Metroid pops out of nowhere and consumes you.

Yeah, no contest- IWBTG is EVIL.

Other difficult games I've completed: Castlevania I/ Dawn of Sorrow/ Order of Ecclesia/ Portrait of Ruin, Heroes of Mana, Final Fantasy III, Shadow the Hedgehog, Majora's Mask, Metroid Prime I and III, Cave Story good ending, Mega Man 2, Super Mario Bros. 2


Dec 13, 2009
The hardest game for me was Risen.This game was hard and i take many weeks to finishing this game...

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